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The standard essay will typically consist of five paragraphs. Typically introduced in high school, students sometimes have a difficult time differentiating between a high school essay and the type of essay and prose that is required in a college-level composition. Most essays are logically organized with the introduction, body, and conclusion that flow seamlessly together to organize thoughts that will end with a well-supported thesis.

The introduction of the college essay typically includes a thesis statement, with the writer introducing the main theme or argument that they will pursue in the body of the paragraph. This paragraph will normally include three points as examples. The three consecutive body paragraphs would then follow this introductory paragraph, with each individual paragraph expanding upon the three points that were introduced in the initial paragraph.

The fifth paragraph of the college essay will be the concluding paragraph, and it will briefly restate the thesis and touch upon any examples that were expanded upon in the body of the paragraph. Many students also take this opportunity to make a statement about the thesis. Depending on the subject, it is also acceptable to finish the concluding paragraph with a question to provoke further thought.

What Are the Educational Purposes of the College Essay?

The essay will typically consist of five paragraphs – a classic format for compositions. It is a useful model to persuade and educate. It is a viable way to develop analytical skills, as it is a format that is very useful and relatable to different areas of study.

How Is the College Essay Different Than the High School Essay?

The original five paragraph essay is introduced in high school, with some students even being acquainted with it in grade school. The format is straightforward, with five paragraphs that will support a particular idea. However, college essays are a bit more complicated than that. It is required that college students include a strong thesis statement.

Also, most college essays require proper citations and references to back up any claims made in the college essay. This includes a citation page that properly attribute sources. If quotes are going to be used in the college essay to further flesh out a point, then they need to be properly indented and formatted.

Many high school students also insert “in conclusion” in the ending paragraph. This is not acceptable in a college-level essay since it will be obvious that the ending paragraph will be the concluding paragraph that will reinforce the thesis statement.

The Different Formats of the College Essay

At the college Level, there are typically two types of essay formats. This Includes the Modern Language Association – or the MLA format, and the American Psychological Association Style, or the APA style of writing. The MLA format is most commonly used in college, with it being used mostly by those in the liberal arts. The APA style, however, tends to be the preferred method of writing for students in the sciences.

The MLA style requires students to be cognizant about page numbers, spacings and indentations, and the citation of references within the essay. It is simpler than the APA format. For the APA style of writing, students are required to carefully cite their work, utilizing different methods to do so within an essay. It also requires students to include a title page and an abstract at the very beginning of their essay.

What Makes a Compelling College Essay?

One of the areas that many college students lack is the careful proofreading of their written work. Most students are aware of the many methods of editing to make sure that it is aligned with the appropriate grammar and pronoun use, but proofreading requires running a fine-toothed comb through the college essay to ensure a compelling piece of literature.

College essay writing service ozessay.com.au is that objective pair of eyes that will pinpoint mistakes in your college essay. A 2008 survey showed that freshman write an average of 92 pages during the year, and seniors right an average of 148 pages. This is a lot of papers, thesis statements, editing, and proofreading. It is natural for many college students to feel fatigued. An outside, impartial review of a written piece can help pinpoint literary issues that might’ve been overseen by college students.


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