Satisfaction Guarantee

Date: February 22, 2012

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is the main element of our quality assurance program. We guarantee that we will continue working on your paper until you are satisfied with it. Customers have the right of requesting unlimited revisions during the first 20 days after the upload of the completed paper. In addition, we offer order monitoring and the option to contact either your writer or staff whenever you need.

Guaranteed 60-day Money Back in case of Plagiarism

We offer a 60-day refund policy on all our products. We are confident about the quality of our writing. We are ready to reimburse you the amounts paid to if the paper does not meet your requirements. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more information.

Free Unlimited Revisions during the 20-day Period within Project Completion

All customers have the right to request unlimited revisions during the first 20 day period after the final version of the paper has been completed. Revisions are provided free of charge so long as initial instructions for the project remain unchanged. In case the customer opts to amend original instructions, such a revision may qualify for additional payment.

On-Time Delivery

We organize our work to make the writing process as smooth as possible and ensure on-time delivery. All our orders are monitored and technological measures are taken to ensure timely project completion.

100% Original-written Papers, Zero Plagiarism has a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism. All our papers go through the plagiarism scanner called the “Plagcheck” to ensure originality and authenticity of every paper that is sent to the customer.

Full Confidentiality Guaranteed

Customer confidentiality is the cornerstone of all the services provided by We invest considerable resources in the most recent data protection equipment and are constantly monitoring new technologies that help us to safeguard your data and keep it private. In addition, we guarantee that none of your information will be shown or otherwise provided to any third party.

Up-to-date Academic Resources

All resources that are used for paper writing will be no older than 5 years. It is a strict requirement by the vast majority of schools and universities that all sources of information should be no older than 5 years old and we are adhering to that requirement by not using any outdated sources.

Proper Referencing

All academic papers provided by will contain in-text references as well as the works cited page (unless the format of your project does not require formatting). Formatting will be done in accordance with the language and formatting specified by the customer. The formatting standards we offer include APA, MLA, Oxford, Harvard, Turabian, Chicago.

Free Title and Bibliography Page

Papers completed for you at will contain the works cited page and a title page that are provided free of charge. The formatting will be realized according to the standard you specify.

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