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What Is Dissertation Proposal?

You may be wondering, what is dissertation proposal? This is simply a critical step towards writing a final dissertation on your Ph.D. or master’s level courses. It sets the stage for the project that you need to undertake and should, therefore, assist you to make clear plans for the final project. In other words, it helps you elucidate on what you intend to examine and how you plan to conduct your data collection and analysis. A challenge that most students face is that sometimes the topic may change slightly in the course of conducting the study, and thus their proposals may fail to help them identify the direction for their dissertations.

Can You Help Me Write My Dissertation Topic Proposal?

When it is time for you to write a dissertation, it is important that you come up with a good topic as this is a critical component in developing an impressive dissertation. A good topic for your dissertation will not only be presentable but will also be manageable when it comes to data collection. A weak dissertation topic will definitely result in an unimpressive dissertation, something that with no doubt you will want to avoid. Worse still, a poor selection of topic can cost you time as you may want to start over again with another topic. To avoid this, choose a topic that you feel is both impressive and manageable. Alternatively, our company can help you to develop your dissertation topic proposal. You can buy from us custom topics that are relevant to your field of study.

How to Do a Dissertation Proposal

You may be wondering how to write a proposal for a dissertation. Well, you need to understand that a proposal is a preliminary version of the dissertation that is written in a special context. Your supervisor or readers may not be specialists of your chosen topic, but they are definitely skilled scholars. For this reason, you should present a compelling reason for why you need to study the topic, and your writings should be coherent. The following are effective tips that can help you on how to do a dissertation proposal.

  • Present a distinction between your main motive and subsidiary intents.
  • Communicate your motive upfront; the interest of the reader is to identify what you want to do.
  • Showcase only one version of your topic.
  • Do not try to do too much in your proposal for dissertation as you may find yourself out of topic.

Structure for Writing the Proposal

Before you write a dissertation, you need to know what to include into it. As such, it is important that you come up with a dissertation proposal structure. The purpose of this structure is to highlight the parts of your dissertation for you to know the details that you need to include in the specific parts. This will also give you a hint on which part should be tackled first. Besides, it will also help you determine if the dissertation is completed or not.

What About The Dissertation Proposal Outline?

When you write dissertation proposal, you should be aware that it entails numerous stages such as the composition of the introduction, conducting the real study and making the conclusion. However, the first and foremost stage that you need to accomplish before you proceed to write the actual dissertation is to develop a dissertation proposal outline. The outline serves as a sketch of your dissertation. It provides an overview of the parts and details that will appear in your final dissertation, in their most appropriate order. The first component of the outline is your dissertation title. Keep in mind that the title you choose should be relevant to your field of study. The following are examples of titles that can be used for a dissertation in the field of human resource.

  • Impact of working overtime on employees in the manufacturing sector.
  • Impact of monetary rewards on employees.
  • How social media impact workplace relations.
  • How age difference impacts workplace relations.

The next component in your outline is the objectives or goals of carrying out your study. These are specific statements that define the measurable outcomes that you intend to find. There is no fixed number of them. It is, however, good to generate sufficient goals to enable measuring the progress towards achieving your main purpose for the study. It is important to note that some tutors or supervisors recommend one clear, strong goal, while others prefer the main goal supported by subsidiary intents. It is thus always good to consult with your supervisor when developing the topic and the goals of your study.

The next component is the literature. This entails research on existing works of other authors regarding your topic. Keep in mind that this should lead to and justify the aims of your study. In the outline, you also need to include the methodology you plan to use. This highlights the techniques you are going to use to address the goals of your dissertation. Besides, you will have to highlight your potential outcomes of the study. Essentially, you will have to include the results that you feel will most likely come out in regards to your goals. Another important thing to include in the outline is the timeframe. This is simply a timetable that details how you anticipate completing your dissertation by the date you are required to submit it. The last component of your outline is the list of references. This is a list of sources of existing works that you will use to write your dissertation. It is the same as the bibliography.

Writing the Dissertation Proposal Introduction

The introduction states your main question that needs to be researched and provides a background on the subject, and relates it contextually to any broader issues that surround it. In other words, it highlights the reasons for carrying out this particular study. Remember to set the ideas in the academic context. Your dissertation proposal introduction should:

  • Highlight the problem or the main issue that has made you want to do the study.
  • Describe why the issue is worth exploring.
  • Explain the purpose and nature of your study.
  • Point out what you hope to attain.

The Body for Your Proposal

In this section, you give readers adequate ties to the existing works as well as the approach for conducting the actual study; how you plan to approach the goals of your study and the procedures and logic that you will employ. The proposal’s main body needs to convince the reviewers or the supervisor that:

  • Your work is relevant, new, and original.
  • The methods you plan to use to conduct your study are appropriate.
  • The work you propose is realistic, and that you are capable of carrying out the activities and administering the project.

Writing the Dissertation Methodology Proposal

This is the section that describes actions that you will take to explore the study problem and the rationale for your application of particular techniques or procedures for identifying, selecting, processing, and analyzing information. Moreover, this is the section that allows your supervisor or readers to evaluate the reliability and validity of your study. Your dissertation methodology proposal, therefore, needs to answer the following questions:

  • How will you collect data or generate them?
  • How will the data be analyzed?

Bear in mind that since this a proposal, you will need to write this section in the future tense, since you are explaining what you are going to do.

Writing Your Aims and Objectives

The central focus of study projects is normally articulated regarding aims and objectives. Majority of students, however, find some difficulty in understanding the difference between these two terms. In study projects, aims are normally statements of intent, written in broad terms to present what you wish to accomplish at the end of your project; what needs to be studied. Goals, on the other hand, are statements that define measurable outcomes. In other words, they address how the aims of the study will be achieved. It is therefore important to formulate your goals and intent of the project appropriately as they will determine the depth, scope, and direction for your project. Therefore, they should answer the following questions:

  • Who is the target readers for your project?
  • Where will the study take place?
  • What do you intend to accomplish?
  • How will the study be conducted?

It is also good to note that a good study only comprises one aim and at least three goals. The goals should be put in a numbered list for them to be clearly identified by your supervisor or readers.

How to Develop an Effective Literature Review

As a writer in the field of academia, you need to present an analytical overview of the relevant information published on your project topic. The review, however, must be written in a manner that best suits the audience. For instance, if the audience does not know much regarding the subject of your topic, you need to demonstrate an instructional purpose. On the other hand, if the audience knows more about the subject than you, then you need to demonstrate that you are familiar, intelligent, and an expert on the subject.  The purpose of this section, therefore, is to:

  • Align your study to the context of the broader academic community.
  • Present your critical review of the relevant existing works of other writers.
  • Help in identifying the gap within the existing works that your study will try to address.

This is why you need to hire us. We will help you come up with a literature review that:

  • Offers clues as to where future studies are heading.
  • Identifies gaps in the existing works.
  • Ensures that your project does not duplicate studies that have already been conducted.
  • Provide your readers with work that is written from high-quality studies that are meaningful and relevant.

Coming up with Research Constraints

Research constraints are also known as limitations of the study. They are features of the study design that can impact interpretation of your findings. Such constraints may include but not limited to difficulties in accessing participants, issues on truthful responding, limited funding, and inadequacy of instruments for carrying out the survey. Therefore, being able to identify and correctly provide a description of such problems will make you look like a true researcher. Since these limitations are normally out of the researcher’s control, you should not worry about them since they affect almost all projects. When making considerations of the limitations, you may encounter in your study, consider the following:

  • The instruments you plan to use.
  • The samples you intend to use.
  • Time restrictions.
  • The type of your analysis.

Dissertations According to Education Level in Australia

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