The definition of a "research paper" will differ from class to class, and even from major to major. In its most basic form, a research paper is based on a claim made by the writer, free of anecdotal bias. Research paper, as the name suggests, relies heavily on researching the materials by others to back up a claim.

Most of the research can be lifted by reading books, using references, or even performing experiments. Typically, high school students will be required to write a research paper at some point in their educational lives. However, some of these reports tend to be very superficial, absent of the heavy research that is typically required for investigative papers in a college-level class.

The Structure of a Research Paper

Like most written bodies of work, a research paper consists of a strong title that is indicative of the research or project that it will address.

The introduction of the research paper will consist of points that aggregate the topic, providing basic background information to introduce readers to the particular subject that it will expand upon. Towards the end of the introduction, the intro will narrow down to specific research questions or scenarios.

The bulk of the research paper will be the synthesis of gathered analysis, with a careful review of major theories linked to the specific issue or topic. The body of the research paper will consist of relevant resources in the form of quotes and references from academic journals or peer-reviewed articles.

The conclusion of the research paper discusses results and any implications. A hypothesis that was introduced in the article, should be answered in the body of the research paper, with the concluding paragraph leaving the reader satisfied and feel like they can confidently support your claims.

The Difficulties Faced by Students When Writing a Research Paper

As mentioned, a student's first introduction to research papers is in high school, where they are assigned surface level research assignments. This leaves many students lacking the required skills of creating a compelling, persuasive research paper. These are some of the critical points where students tend to falter.

  • Lack of proper citations. Broadly speaking, citations refer to the references used to make points throughout a research paper. Citations are required to ensure intellectual honesty, to help avoid plagiarism, as well as to properly attribute work to the correct sources. It gives research papers credibility, plausibility, and an authoritative slant. However, many students do not know how to properly cite their work, with some students even forgoing the citation process altogether.
  • Using the improper citation format. The American psychological Association style manual is typically used for research papers that are associated with the social sciences. However, students will need to use a proper citation formatting for their particular discipline, topic, or theme. Students have a wider range of citation styles and formats, these include the Modern Language Association and the Turabian and Chicago style. In most academic scenarios, the MLA format is largely preferred.
  • Many students simply feel intimidated by the research papers. Students who have not taken writing intensive classes in their formative years may find writing research papers intimidating and unfamiliar. Some students may not receive criticism at all and only a letter grade. This only reinforces poor prose, as their weaknesses have not been properly identified by counselors and teachers.
  • Introducing additional claims in concluding paragraph. The introduction and body of the research paper will answer all claims - there should not be more claims made in the concluding paragraph. Students, not knowing the proper format of a research paper, manage to introduce more data in the ending paragraph.

Getting The Help For the Best Research Paper

Students can use different approaches when it comes to writing a research paper. Some papers use extensive research to justify a specific claim or argument, or even use poem and other forms of literature. Unfortunately, many students think that they could just read up on research, and regurgitated findings on their word processor. This will only lead to a lackadaisical report, with claims that are backed by poor resources that could easily be refuted.

However, many students still have many options to create a comprehensive, compelling research paper. Regardless of the student's skill set on writing research papers, our essay writing service is the help of academic writers and researchers who can help high school and university students to write convincing, compelling papers.