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Subject: Economics

This is the best writer: he is patient and willing to help customers. I have req...

- Y.N., Australia

Subject: Management

Good work thanks writer11585 !!

- P.B., Australia

Subject: Marketing

Thanks alot really appreicate it

- I.A., Australia

Subject: Religion

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- D.O., Australia

Subject: Engineering

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- C.1., Australia

Subject: Education

thans writer 10798 you do very well. thanks again

- I.A., Australia

Subject: Engineering

#8576 is a dedicated and quality writer. Never once complain, always eager to an...

- H.N., Australia

Subject: Nursing

Fantastic work

- T.O., Australia

Subject: Psychology

I am extremely happy with the completed essay. This particular writer, was thoro...

- J.K., Australia

Subject: Accounting

Writer# 15460,many thanks for outstanding work & thanks for you patience with re...

- R.M., Australia

Subject: Religion

Excellent. Thanks again Writer 523. Very happy with the work.

- S.S., Australia

Subject: Political Science

Thank you very much for your work. I really appreciate your effort given the sho...

- B.V., Australia

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Essay Writing Services Australia

Hello and welcome to OzEssay, Australia’s best assignment writing service. We are professional academic writers and researchers, helping students from all over the world to effectively complete various assignments: essays, reports, research papers, dissertations, literary analyses, book reports and many other types of assignments. Virtually, since 2005 we have worked on every thinkable assignment, with any deadline and complexity level. Whenever you order from us, rest assured – your paper is going to get done right, your assignment criteria are going to be met and you are going to be happy with the result.

Do You Have an Office in Australia?

No, we don’t. Our headquarters is based in Phoenix, AZ . All our work is done online. The help we provide and the academic assistance we offer are done online. This means you can submit your order and keep track of the writing process from the comfort of your home. When your essay is completed, it will be emailed to you. This allows us to effectively serve our customers not only from Australia, but from any country in the world. Wherever you are, whoever you are – if you need a top quality essay from the best essay writers, we are always happy to help.

Here Are a Few Facts about OzEssay That You Need to Know

1) We are in this market since 2005. This makes us one of the oldest writing companies in the writing industry. This also means we have the experience, the expertise and the resources needed to create top quality product.

2) We are part of Insight Innovations LLC, a company registered in the US. Insight Innovations LLC specializes in providing research and academic writing services to customers throughout the world and OzEssay serves customers from Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

3) We employ best writing professionals in the industry, and our basic requirement is having a MA/MSc degree. There are also writers who hold MBA and PhD degrees. They handle postgraduate level assignments that require greater expertise and scholarly insight. Research takes most of the time, and all of our writers are full-time researchers and are only dedicated to working on orders that come from OzEssay. There are no active university or high school professors working for us, which means you are unlikely to meet your teaching professor in here; likewise it is also unlikely that your professor will write the paper for you. This has never happened before and will never happen in the future. There are currently 12000 researchers and this number is growing each year.

4) All papers are done from scratch and written personally for you based on your assignment criteria. We do only custom writing, never resell or publish the paper that is done for your needs. Besides, we also scan each paper for plagiarism, making sure all the writing you receive from us is original and passes the Turnitin plagiarism test. So, whenever you receive a paper from us, it means it has passed through the plagiarism scanner.

5) Customer privacy and security is one of the cornerstones of our business. The information we receive from you remains private and is never made available to third party. Essentially, this is the reason why our customers keep coming back to us to order their papers. Customer privacy is something we take very seriously and we invest literally thousands of dollars into servers, databases, security procedures, and software that strengthen our security. To read more technical info about our security and servers, please read this article:

6) We have successfully completed over 200 000 assignments of various research complexities. With the experience and the researchers we have, this is not a problem at all – whatever type of assignment and whatever topic you have – we can easily handle it.

Essay Writing in Australia

Writing essays is our staple product. We have done literally thousands of them in the past, are working on them right now (as you read this text, there are a few dozens essays that we are working on), and will continue writing them in the future. How is this process organized?

1. Once you pay for your assignment and complete your order, our writers get notified about the new incoming order. They apply for the project and our editors select the writer with the most suitable background. Naturally, if we are focused on Australian customers and Australian orders, such assignments will be given to writers who are a) experts in the subject and b) are familiar with life in Australia and know its current political, economic and social situation.

2. By default we deliver essays in a standard five-paragraph format. In other words, if the format is not specified, the paper you receive will consist of an introduction, 2-3 body paragraphs and a conclusion. If you wish to format your assignment differently, let us know by specifying it in the order form.

3. Before research begins our writer will contact you with questions, to find out more details about your order, specify your requirements and other things that might be of importance to your project. Experience shows that communication with your writer directly affects the final outcome. Therefore we highly encourage such communication because it is actually the key to success of your paper.

Custom Research Papers

Besides essay writing there is another group of assignments that we work on – those that require research. Let's collectively call them research papers, although this group also includes dissertations, theses and other types of assignments. The main distinctive feature of this group is that they require background research and thorough preparation before the actual writing begins. OzEssay employs top quality writers and researchers for any type of such assignments. Surprisingly, the key to a successful research paper is…. communication with your writer. Like we said before, the more you communicate with your writer, the better the outcome is. This is a universal rule that works for all types of assignments irrespectively of their complexity level.

Whatever type of assignment and complexity level, OzEssay guarantees you custom writing that is plagiarism free, written by industry’s top writing professionals, based on the most current sources and delivered before the deadline. We, at OzEssay guarantee you a smooth and enjoyable experience in the process of research and writing. Welcome!

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