Students in either high school, college or grad school always find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer complexity and volume of tasks that they have to undertake as part of their courses. The difficulty naturally increases with the level of study. Also, they need to spend more time on assignments such as thesis and dissertations as opposed to regular essays. Ghostwriting services such as ours help those students who are in dire need of writing, editing, proofreading and research services, with the added advantage of staying anonymous. We offer you a variety of benefits that make us stand out from the crowd of our competitors, both within Australia and the rest of the world. Ours is a service that you can depend on, most especially when it comes to your privacy and confidentiality.

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Brilliant Writing with No Effort

Providing expert academic ghostwriting to Australian students and others from all around the world is what we do. Not everyone is particularly gifted in creating documents such as thesis, dissertations or essays. Even a task, which seems as simple as resume writing, may prove to be extremely difficult to some people.

In other instances, students from non-native English speaking countries may face the daunting task of creating documents from start to completion entirely in English. While these students may be great and talented in their respective subjects, expressing yourself clearly and succinctly is always an essential part of any writing assignment. This is the situation when a ghostwriting service such as ours comes in handy. We create a document that speaks with and articulates your voice.

The most common instance where our services are needed, and one which everyone can relate to is the utter lack of time on academic assignments. Academic papers can inevitably draw the life and energy out of anyone, especially critical documents like dissertations and theses. It’s easy to run out of time especially when you have multiple important assignments staring you in the face, and especially one on which your entire academic future is hinged. Our service comes in handy right when you need it. We work to beat strict deadlines, and we do it without burning a hole in your pocket. Most importantly, we do it all with confidence.


What is ghostwriting? It's an occupation whereby a writer is paid to produce a piece of work but receives no credit for the work.

Types Of Projects We Work On

Our academic ghostwriting service goes beyond just academic papers, though our primary clientele consists mainly of students. We take on assignments of all kinds, and our ghostwriting services in Australia transcend most sectors, be it tech, healthcare, literature, media and any other market segment. Our work has gone beyond the following summary:

  • Various articles for magazines, blogs, websites and social media pages.
  • Resume and curriculum vitae.
  • Speeches for all those momentous occasions where you want to project a memorable and resounding voice. We have the perfect recipe for that.
  • Meticulous book reports and intriguing literature reviews.
  • Academic papers such as theses, dissertations, research papers, term papers, essays, scholarly manuscript and coursework assignments. We understand how important it is for you to present these papers as original work and we take full measure to ensure you do.

Ghostwriting Fees

While it may seem like writing services charge an arm and a leg for the ghostwriting fees, the reverse is true. Our prices are extremely flexible and affordable compared to any other ghost-writing agency you’ll find online. We take into account a few factors before we give you a final quotation:

  • How difficult the assignment is and what level of expertise is required of the ghostwriter.
  • The depth and scope of the material, and how much effort and time will go into writing it.
  • The amount of material you can provide our writers with and the shape that that material is in.

We try to keep our prices as fair and progressive as possible, which enables us to reach out to a larger number of customers. Whether it’s a ghost writer for resumes, essays, thesis, dissertations, speeches or any other assignment, we have a package for everyone.

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Ordinary writing is one thing; making the material sound original and authentic is an entirely different lane. While you may find companies online that will do you writing errands for you, OZessay goes the extra mile by letting you own your work. We are experts at crafting papers especially for you, and we take time to fully understand your exact needs and how you want yourself to sound on paper.

We take professional ghost-writing to a whole new level, not just in Australia but the entire world. We give you maximum value for money, but most importantly, we ensure that your confidentiality is always adhered to. With native English speaking writers who are highly qualified and experienced and thousands of papers under our belt, it is no wonder most students choose us.

With Ozessay you are also assured of the following:

  • Excellent quality papers.
  • Anti-plagiarism guarantees.
  • Money back guarantees and excellent
  • Easy order process and ability to track your order anytime.

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