Below you can find sample papers that we produce. Please note: All files are in PDF format. You need Adobe Reader to view the files.

Article Critique – Health and Social Care (Master’s level, 8 pages)
Download Article Critique on Health and Social Care

Dissertation Proposal – Tourism (Bachelor’s level, 13 pages)
Download Tourism Dissertation Proposal

Essay – Political Science (Master’s level, 7 pages)
Download Political Science Essay

Literature Review – Sport (Bachelor’s level, 8 pages)
Download Literature Review

Research Paper – Fashion (College level, 5 pages)
Download Research Paper on Fashion

Research Paper – Psychology (Bachelor’s level, 4 pages)
Download Psychology Research Paper

Research Proposal – Marketing (Master’s level, 20 pages)
Download Marketing Research Proposal

Term Paper – Computers (Bachelor’s level, 4 pages)
Download Term Paper

Thesis – Arts (Bachelor’s level, 29 pages)
Download Arts Thesis

Assessment – Sociology (College level, 4 pages)
Download Sociology Assessment

Case Study – Law (Bachelor’s level, 5 pages)
Download Law Case Study

Essay – Nursing (College level, 6 pages)
Download Nursing Essay

Problem Solving – Statistics (Bachelor’s level, 5 pages)
Download Problem Solving

Presentation – Environment (Bachelor’s level, 12 pages)
Download Presentation on Environment

Essay – Law (Master’s level, 14 page)
Download Law Essay

Dissertation Chapter – Management (Master’s level, 17 pages)
Download Dissertation Chapter

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