How to Write a Speech That Will Make Everyone Speechless?

Everyone will have to give a speech at some point in time in their life, whether it is for a school assignment you have to do, a business deal you have to offer, a church conference you must present at. There will be a time for some reason that you will have to give a speech. So what is a speech all about? A speech is a communication with your audience, by delivering them an important message, based on your feelings and your thoughts.

But, you don't just want to give a speech that is ordinary, you want your speech to be seen as one of the best your audience has ever heard. You want the audience to be in awe after the speech that you have presented to them, you want the people listening to you to be so captivated by your words that they are left absolutely unequivocally speechless!

Is this a possibility, though? Is this something that can be done? Absolutely!! You can give a speech that leaves your audience speechless, but there are some things that you will have to do in order to make sure your speech does this.

The following tips will show you how to write a speech that will leave your audience without a word, they will be extremely happy that they had the opportunity to hear your speech.

Tools You Need to Handle:

  • Before you begin writing your speech you need to know exactly what a speech is and what it is supposed to do
  • Your audience needs to be engaged somehow in what you are talking about, so make sure you have their attention
  • You need to convey your ideas logically, so double-check that your thoughts are organized in a proper way
  • You also need to confirm that you are utilizing sources that are reliable that will support the subject of your speech

Mind, that your audience of listeners have only one opportunity to hear the information that you are presenting. You need to make your speech organized and written in a way that the audience can understand it without question.


Each speech possesses specific features. There are some key things your speech should possess.

General Speech Features:

  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction
  3. Humor
  4. Appropriate language
  5. References that support the topic
  6. Giving thanks to the audience

Now that you know what a speech is and what some of the general features are, you need to work on making your speech a memorable one. Here is a list of tips below, which you should follow so that your audience will never forget you!

Useful Tips:

  • Choose a topic that you're interested in. It helps in making your speech one remember when you like what you're talking about
  • Work on your speech as soon as you know you're giving on
  • Think about the audience while you're writing the speech
  • Don't have too many points. As a general rule of thumb, more than three is too many. Too many points will cause the audience lose their attention
  • Leave the audience with something they will remember
  • Don't feel like you have to write like anybody else.  Stay true to yourself when you're writing your speech
  • Bring a sense of laughter to your speech
  • Always have a good time
  • Present a speech that the audience will not be able to forget

Why Is It Better to Hire a Writing Service?

Writing a speech can be fun, exciting and a great way to develop your writing skills. But, there are times when you need a speech but you do not have the time or the right tools to do so. In cases such as these, it's always great to hire a writing service to write a speech for you.

There are some good advantages to hiring our writing service for your speech writing. You will be able to have time to prepare more on the topic, you don't have to stress out about writing the speech (especially if you are not the best writer), and you do not have to worry about the content of your speech being inaccurate or having any flaws within it. There's nothing wrong with ordering your speech; we are here to help you with writing your speech and we will make sure that your speech is memorable. You will leave your audience speechless by the amazing speech they will never forget.