Here is the ultimate guide to writing a persuasive essay that stands out.

Persuasive Essay Writing Made Easy

First of all, we need to explain what a persuasive essay is. This type of essay is meant to persuade the reader that a certain idea is correct – and it should do so using logic and reason. The goal of persuasive articles is to make the reader accept your point of view and to show that the author is able to back up his/her opinion. It must contain clear evidence and logical reasoning, which can be achieved by using various examples, solid reasoning, sufficient & relevant information as well as experts’ quotes and opinions. A quality essay requires a lot of research and planning, so do not rush it.


Just in case you do not feel confident about writing a persuasive essay or persuasive language you can always ask an experienced professional writer for some help. You can work out the topic together and cooperate to write a paper that totally reflects your opinion, – nothing wrong with asking for help.

Persuasive Essay Draft

It actually starts with a persuasive essay outline. The structure of the outline for persuasive essay writing is critical, therefore it is important to make sure you really stick to it. Your essay should consist of at least 5 paragraphs and a conclusion.

1. Introductory Paragraph

Use the first persuasive paragraph to clearly state your opinion on the subject matter. This way you will be able to grasp reader’s attention right from the start. Don’t forget to make your position on the subject matter bright and clear. This is called your topic sentence (or your thesis); it’s the stance you are taking and will be defending in your essay. Once you state your position stick to it throughout the paper. Last but not the least for this paragraph you need to substantiate your claim and present your facts & findings.

2. Body Paragraphs

There are clear rules for writing the second paragraph in your persuasive writing template. Think of all the facts that you want to use as a backup for your claim, then come up with the main one that has the most persuasive power. You need to, first of all, give your main reason and explain why others should adopt your opinion. Once you have stated that reason, add three more details to it. Explain those additional reasons in your third and fourth paragraph (that makes paragraph 3 and paragraph 4, respectively).

Use paragraph five to give your reasoning as to why the other side is wrong. In order to prove that the other side is actually wrong, you need to give two or three details in support of your opinion. This is another technique to demonstrate that your opinion is correct. Notice that when teaching persuasive essay writing some tutors might forget to mention that it is important to mention the opposing opinion and then tackle it.

3. The Conclusion

Paragraph six is the final paragraph and it should be your conclusion. Use this part of your essay to reiterate what you expressed in the first paragraph. Also, you want to add a summary of all the main ideas you have put in the essay above. You have to repeat the points you’ve made to capture your reader’s attention and make sure the essay stays in his/her memory.


Persuasive Essay Layout

Persuasive text should follow a strict structure. First of all, you always need to have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. It might sound complicated at first but once you get the idea things will get clearer. Once you submit the final paper other students might disagree with your idea or come up with an essay protecting the opposing ideas – go ahead and tackle the opposing views.

Also, do not hesitate to ask for professional help. If you’re still not sure what persuasive writing is, read on. Your introduction should contain something to grasp your reader’s attention right away, it has to be catchy and easy to understand. You need to make your thesis statement. It should be complete and powerful as your sole purpose is to influence the reader into accepting your point of view. The body of your essay should consist of ironclad reasoning for your opinion.

This contradiction will help you to persuade the reader and have him/her accept your idea in the end. Summarize all the main ideas of your essay in your conclusion.

One of the main persuasive writing ideas is to answer the “So what?” question. This way you can actually make the reader feel like accepting your point of view and look at things differently.

Themes and Topics for Your Persuasive Essay

It is very helpful to have some ideas or topics for persuasive writing before getting down to it. Among the numerous ideas that come to mind contemplate over the following topics:

  • Should men and women have the same payment for the same amount of work?
  • Should the government bring back the death penalty as the capital punishment?
  • Should the USA have free healthcare for everyone?
  • Should the schools in the USA have a compulsory uniform for everyone?
  • Should the USA adopt an open border policy and provide all migrants with Green Cards?

Of course, these are just some interesting and controversial topics for your own persuasive writing activities and inspiration. But now you can think on those subjects and come up with a creative idea of your own.

Persuasive Essay Writing Guidelines

The outline and the template are not enough to help you create a perfect essay. There are some rules and tips that will help you avoid making mistakes as well as persuasive writing techniques that will help you get your message across better. Below you have a very important list that you have to follow for your persuasive essay. Your points will depend on how well you follow these recommendations:

  • avoid vague terms
  • avoid sentences lacking ideas
  • do not write in the first person
  • avoid threatening the reader
  • avoid any negativity
  • cite all the sources

Keep that list handy, it will help you avoid obvious mistakes. There are also certain points you need to follow and things you need to include in your essay. Pay close attention to the following points and make sure they are included:

  • use the engaging term “we”, it will make your reader feel more empathy towards your opinion
  • study the demographics, look at your essay from the reader’s point of view
  • carry out a proper research before getting down to work, you need to have a clear understanding of the subject matter
  • choose your position and stick to it, your essay should not show any doubts
  • double check to make sure that you have a powerful last paragraph, it engages the reader
  • make sure the essay is well organized, easy to understand and to remember
  • add incidents and examples
  • don’t be scared to publish your essay as it can be somewhat intimidating to receive critics from the other students


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