20 Inspiring Descriptive Essay Topics and Ideas

Updated: Jan 13, 2017

Here is a list of free descriptive essay topics. All of them can give you a good start for your paper. If you still need some guidance with your essay topic, please contact our support team, we are always happy to help!

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What Is a Descriptive Essay?

descriptive essay is a type of an essay that aims to provide a detailed description to the object of the essay, whether it is an emotion or a person, historic event or an object.




A descriptive essay is usually more focused on a specific topic that is important to a certain audience or targeted group, whereby the writer paints this visual image by appealing to the senses. In other words, it paints a picture with words.

20 Inspiring Descriptive Essay Topics

The list of descriptive essay topics that one could think of could fill the stars in the sky. But below, we have compiled some ideas for essay topics based on their level of complexity.

Easy Topics


  • How to Fix a Leaking Radiator
  • The Pros and Cons of Job Hunting in Australia


  • The Early History of Australia

Science & Environment

  • Endangered Species in the Outback


  • How Societies Form

Moderate Topics


  • Understanding How to Create a Budget
  • How to Apply Technology to Car Mechanics
  • The Advantages of Teaching Yourself to Drive

Science & Environment

  • Saving the Killer Whale from the Great White Shark
  • How to Improve the Environment
  • Technical Specifications in Engineering


  • An Analysis of the Aborigine's Society in Early Australian History

Fine Arts

  • The Process of Creating an Original Musical Composition
  • How to Create a Pottery Vase

Difficult Topics


  • The 10 Best Mobile Apps for the Busy Australian
  • How to Create a Kindle eBook from Scratch
  • The Science of Building a Computer

Science & Environment

  • Eradicating the Oil Shortage on a Global Level
  • In Search of an Endangered Species


  • The Correlation Between Ancient and Modern-Day Society
  • Prognostications for the Future in Australian Business
  • How the Media Influences and Sways Public Opinion
  • City Governments and Urban Problems

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