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Date: January 27, 2017

Persuasive essay writing is always a big challenge. Attempting to cope with this tricky assignment, students surf the Web in order to find some good persuasive writing definition and examples of write my paper. Good news! If you are searching for persuasive writing examples, look no further. Keep in mind one thing:

Persuasive essay examples will stand you a good stead.

Why? First of all, examples of persuasive writing made by OZessay will help you understand the structure of this type of essay – persuasive essay template. You will learn:

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Next, persuasive text examples will help you master the art of persuasion. You will find out how to become a more effective persuader, and how to influence opinions and inspire actions.

Below are two of the most popular persuasive essay writing examples. Enjoy the read!

Persuasive Writing Example: Is Google Making Us Stupid?

The article by Nicholas Carr “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” gives a warning that the Internet has the capability to hurt our ability for concentration and contemplation. Carr argues that what makes us intelligent is not just finding the information quickly but the ability to think deeply about the information. Deep thinking required in this case can only be attained if one’s mind is calm and attentive. The higher the level of concentration leads to richer thoughts. In case of a distraction such as the use of the Internet through computers and phone, it becomes hard to understand and remember.  According to the article, Google leads to superficial thinking making the users shallow. Although one can Google all the fact that they want, it is hard to Google one’s way to brilliance.

“Google effect” can be defined as the digital amnesia. This is a tendency to forget the information which is easily found online using Google. According to study, people are less likely to remember the details which they believe are highly likely to be accessed online. People fail to attempt in storing information in their memory since they know they can always access it online at the click of a button. According to Carr, humans are not forming the required rich connections in their minds due to Google effects. This is due to fact that memory consolidation requires attentiveness which helps in forming connections. This is not given by google. Combinations of ‘Google effect’ and distraction coming from the smartphones have led to a reduced attention span.

Having information at our fingertips has led to the reduction in concentration and contemplation. The information is just a click away and we can move from tab to tab. In fact, the ease of availability of information has made it hard to form connections in our mind. We have failed in creating knowledge due to lack of attentiveness. The cognitive and emotional aspects of human beings have been eroded by Google availing information on our fingertips. This has reduced the level of innovation and creativity among the Internet users. Availability of information online has led to laziness in reasoning since the information is easily available at the click of a button.

Carr makes a connection between the Internet and our mental activity as well as the brain structure. Our brain never stops learning from the impact of the Internet. In fact, technology does not only change the manner in which we think but also changes the structure of the brains. Thus, the Internet has turned out to be the global prosthesis of our collective memory. Based on the modern neuroscience, our habitual practices have the ability to change our own neuronal structures. Our addiction of using the Internet technology has the capability to change and shape our brains. Moreover, the brain neural circuitry changes based on experience hence can be changed through the impacts of web technologies. The computer software has the impact on cognition leading to weakening of concentration and contemplation.

I highly support the use of Google. Google is an important tool and I feel that it helps a lot in finding information in a fast and timely manner. Despite this, I feel that Google can make one stupid based on the way in which they use it. People who misuse Google are the one who are impacted in a negative way. For example, searching for things with direct answers leads to enhancing stupidity. In fact, most people do not take time to reflect and analyze the information provided by the search engine whether it is true or not.  Google helps through providing information that we need. Thus, Google helps us in our everyday lives making it possible to have all information at our fingertips. In addition, Google helps in restructuring our minds to view intelligence in new ways. It has helped a lot in removing barriers to accessing information. Through democratizing access to information, it leads to better collaboration, inclusivity, and diversity helping in creating valuable information. It is thus unfair to fully blame the stupidity of humans to the search engine. The main problem is the human beings becoming highly dependent on the search engine and failing to allow our brains to develop the way it is supposed to. Google is an efficient tool for searching for information and hence cannot be the only blame for human race stupidity. Human beings have to embrace the modern ways of obtaining information while at the same making sure that the means do not compromise their mental abilities.


Persuasive Writing Example: Are Parents Good Teachers?

Parental influence tends to be of great benefit to children and more so during their early years and as they school. Of all the individuals involved in the upbringing of the child, parents are the most influential ones. A parent may not know but their daily behaviors ranging from the manner in which they live, the tone they use usually influences the manner in which their children will act in the future.

Students who have parents tend to be more involved in their school and they also have fewer behavioral problems. Their academic performance is better as compared to the students whose parents are absent. The positivity of parents’ influence can usually be demonstrated during the elementary and secondary levels. Based on the available research, when parents are more involved in the school life, their children are likely to have a strong performance since they are likely to identify areas that they are failing and make rectifications in time and work collaboratively with teachers in encouraging the most acceptable classroom behavior.

This seemed to be a similar case to me when, during my first year in high school, my parents were never involved in my school life and my grades were poor. However, the situation changed when they became concerned and more involved in my school life. In respect to these, my parents and teachers were able to identify at an appropriate time the various problems that were inhibiting my learning and the issues were resolved on time. Therefore, parents should always ensure that they have a positive influence on their children.

One of the best ways in which parents can educate their children is by acting as their teachers as well as the most effective role model and by doing so; the children learn the various skills that they need. Some of the skills that the children learn are the basic household tasks and handling of more complex responsibilities. When parents take their role seriously, they lay the groundwork for the children and in respect to these; the children will have what is needed and know what is needed for them to develop into responsible and independent adults.

Another way in which the parents educate their children is by modeling appropriate behaviors. The manner in which parents behave and act has a great influence on how their children act in future. For example, my parent’s responsible nature molded me to be responsible like they.

Parents have a role to play in their children’s life and in relation to these, there are lessons that they should teach their kids. One major lesson that they should teach their kids is treating others with respect at all times and this plays an essential role in limiting conflicts among people since respect for the authority shows obedience, respect for oneself usually shows self-worth and self-control. I acquired this skill at an early age and still ensure that I follow it in my everyday activities.

Another lesson that parents should teach their kids is manners. This is because manners are said to raise a kid’s social IQ and it also makes them into being reasonable and thoughtful people.

The debate on whether parents are good teachers or not seems not to be ending soon since those against the arguments and those that are for it have strong contributions as well as influence. There are aspects that we learn from our parents that tend to be more important than what we learn from the teachers despite the long years of academic learning. From our parents, we learn how best to talk, survive, and distinguish what is right and wrong, morality and life values. My parents taught me how to survive on my own at an early age. Even though they offered the required support, there were times where I was required to tackle an issue on my own. In most instances, children are usually a true reflection of their parents and their characters are usually shaped by their parent’s behavior and personality.

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