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Date: July 14, 2017

Research is an integral part of any studies and writings. Anybody enrolled at college or university should learn the essentials of research conducting and writing a report.

The further information is offered to students who want to read and understand the basic points of compiling research project progress report template.

What Is a Research Report?

Research report is a written paper or a prepared speech that describes the findings and results of either qualitative or quantitative research, or both.

Research Report Template vs. Research Report Format vs. Layout of the Research ReportWhat Is the Difference Between These Terms?

These terms have the definitions that are slightly different. All three have the same meaning. Research report template, research report format and layout of the research report mean the content a research report consists of, the whole structure and its parts. Each part of the investigation report contains particular information written according to the rules of academic report writing. And every student who starts writing a research report should adhere to the guidelines of a research report writing format.

When speaking about the layout of the research report we must say that this term is more general than the research report template. It divides the text of the report into several parts and the contents looks like the following:

  • Preliminary Page that consists of topic title and date followed by the Preface or Foreword to investigation. Then goes the table of contents along with illustrations, lists of tables, etc.
  • Main Text is an outline of the report including all details. Each part of the paper must begin on a new page.
  • End Matter contains appendices, bibliography, index.

How to Write a Research Report Format?

Research report format depends on its type. To format research report properly follow the steps provided in the corresponding guideline. When writing your paper take into account the following things:

  • Scope and type
  • The required formatting style: APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.
  • Outline
  • Bibliography and footnotes

Aside of college research reports, there are many kinds of research reports students must know so that they don’t to confuse their meanings and significance. Let’s see what the most popular reports are that people search over the Internet. We’ve found three types that appeared to be of high demand. These are equity, market, and scientific research reports. Below is a brief overview of each type.

What Is an Equity Research Report? Equity Research Report Template

An equity research report provides data sufficient to make an investment decision i.e. it tells the readers whether they should or should not invest in a particular venture.

Usually, equity research report template is available in investment banks. When you are looking for equity research report template word document over the Internet, you are directed to some bank or investment organizations as they have their own templates designed accordingly to their needs and requirements.  Here is a standard template to compile this kind of paper:

  • Opinion of the bank/investment analyst along with the summary
  • Main highlights of the venture
  • Industry overview
  • Ratio analysis and valuation analysis
  • Risks
  • Rationale of rating and disclosure

What Is a Market Research Report? Market Research Report Format

A market research report is one of the first steps in business planning. It is an organized way to collect data about your market or prospective clients. The results and finding of market study should be analyzed properly and can be applied in organizing your future venture. The information obtained during the marketing research helps to determine whether your products or services satisfy the needs of your customers.

A standard market research report format includes the same structural parts as a standard research report template and can be easily found over the Internet..

What Is a Scientific Research Report? Scientific Research Report Format

A research report in the Sciences generally follows the basic university research report templates. Below is a general format that could be followed when compiling any college or high school research report template:

  1. A clear Title indicating the purpose of your study
  2. A concise, one paragraph Abstract (Scope and Purpose of your report)
  3. Literature Review offers the reader the current state of investigations in your studies
  4. Methodology is information on how you’ve conducted research
  5. Results are your findings presented in the graphic or tabular form
  6. Discussion is the interpretation of your results
  7. Conclusion is a brief description of research report significance
  8. Bibliography or a Reference List

Appendices provide additional and supporting materials to your paper.

NOTE. If you are looking for research report template word or layout of research report pdf documents to download, remember that they can provide you with an example and in no case with a base for your own research report.

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