110 Great Research Paper Topics and Ideas

Date: June 29, 2016

Research Paper Topics and Ideas

A research paper is a form of academic writing where students get to identify a topic and conduct research on it. The student is supposed to express their opinion on a given topic and provide evidence that supports it. The evidence is obtained from different scholarly sources and compiled in an orderly manner. There are two types of research papers students can write:

REASON 1. Argumentative research paper where the student takes a specified stand on the topic from the beginning of the paper and attempts to persuade the reader to take the same stand.

REASON 2. Analytical research paper where the student asks a question and tries to answer throughout the paper. The student gives their opinion on the particular topic and does not try to persuade the reader to have the same view.

Research papers are a requirement for one to complete their college or university program. Through writing research papers, students get to learn more about a given subject. Students are also asked to write research papers to make them aware of the different documentation styles accepted and the ethics of research. They also learn the importance of scholarly writing, and it opens their mind to become more logical in their thinking. Students learn how to collect information from different sources, analyze it and present their arguments in an orderly manner. They also learn how to determine whether the information is useful or not and work promptly.


• Biological Oceanography
• Marine Ecosystems
• Effects of Overfishing
• History of Whale Fishing
• Sport Fishing
• Coral in Peril

Environmental research

• Renewable Sources of Energy
• Conservation Methods
• Endangered Animal Species
• Greenhouse Effect
• Effects of Landfills
• Radioactive Waste Disposal
• Smog: the Causes and Effects
• How Recycling Helps the Environment?
• Alternative Fuel Vehicles


• The Great Rift Valley
• Amazon Basin
• The Everglades
• Coastal Erosion
• African Ecology
• Natural Disasters

Political issues

• Constitutional Issues
• Government Structures
• International Politics
• Inaugural Addresses by Different Presidents
• Presidential Power and the Modern President


• Anxiety Disorders
• Child Psychology
• Psychological Therapy
• Attention Deficit Disorder


• Bioterrorism and the Countermeasures in Place
• Reasons for Terrorist Attacks
• Famous Terrorist Attacks
• Anti-terrorism measures


• The Human Conscience
• Aristotle’s View on Friendship
• The Power of Free Will
• Life after Death
• Locke’s Theory of Knowledge
• The Illusion of Free Will


• Legalizing Abortion
• Adoption Options for Gay People
• Human Trafficking in America
• Poverty in Developing Countries
• Affirmative Action Measures


• Types of Religion in the World
• Major Religious Figures
• Jesus Christ Is the Only True God
• Freedom of Religion


• Business Ethics
• The Breaking of the Glass Ceiling
• The Rise of Online Retail Stores
• Reasons Companies Prefer Outsourcing
• White Collar Crime

Family issues

• Battered Woman Syndrome
• Child Abuse and Assistance Available
• Effects of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse on the Family


• Cancer Treatment Options
• Importance of Medical Insurance
• Reasons for Stem Cell Research


• Poetry and poems
• World literature
• Genres of literature
• Literature Themes


• Evolution of Banking
• The World Economy
• The Great Recession
• International Economics
• Theories of Economics and Famous Theorists

Drugs and drug abuse

• Different Types of Drugs
• Doping in Sports
• Drug Testing in Schools
• Causes and Effects of Drunk Driving
• Over the Counter Drugs
• Reasons for Drug Overdose


• The Legal System
• Sentencing and Punishment
• Capital Punishment
• Cyber-Crime and Cyber-Security
• Human Rights
• Drug Illegalization
• Hate Crimes
• The Prison System
• Police Brutality

Media and Communication

• Copyright Laws
• Freedom of Speech
• Media Bias
• Minorities in Mass Media
• Television Violence
• Media and Politics
• Portrayal of Women in the Media
• Children Programming and Advertising


• Nursing as a Profession
• Nursing Philosophies
• Theoretical Basis of Nursing
• Ethics in Nursing


• Native American Culture
• Different Language Groups in Africa


• Technological Advances
• History of Technology
• Technology and the Society
• Biotechnology and its Implications for the Security
• Technology in Different Industries

Women and Gender

• Birth Control and Pregnancy
• Stereotypes in the Society
• Media and Gender
• Cultural Expectations and Practices
• Marriage and Divorce

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