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Date: June 23, 2017

What Is a Research Paper? 

A research paper may refer to:

  • A type of academic writing composed by the college or university students. It requires students to choose a topic, conduct an appropriate research on the definite topic and present the results of the study in an organized report.
  • It may also imply to a scholarly paper that contains the findings of original research or an evaluation of research conducted by others.

Research paper outline is an essential part of writing a perfect research paper. The main goal of an outline is to aid you to think through your study subject carefully and organize your ideas logically before writing.

Basic Structure

A research paper can be classified into the following sections:

  • Title and Authors

Title: Informs your readers on what to expect in the research paper.
Author(s): Includes complete names of the author.
Corresponding Author: Your supervisor’s name
Conflicts of Interest [if required]: explain any conflicts of interest.

  • Abstract

Here you should write a synopsis or a short summary of your research (introduction, objective, methods, results and conclusions) in 200 words at most. You can refer from other journals to help you in writing or you can order your research paper at and have no worries about it at all.

  • Introduction

Here you should write the motives and reasons of your research, its importance, and novelty. This part of the paper simply states the reasons for doing the research, including laying the foundation or background for the paper.

Introductory paragraphs aim first to get the reader’s attention and make them feel interested in the subject of the paper. Your introduction should lay the platform for your research paper and set the topic in perspective.

  • Method

The methodology part describes your key research strategy. You need to start with several introductory paragraphs that restate the purpose of the study and the research questions. You should further describe:

o The study’s setting and context
o The study design
o Population (if applicable)
o Sampling strategy
o State the main study variables
o Data collection mechanisms and techniques
o State the analysis methods to be used

  • Results

These include a report on the data collection, statistics, and recruitment used to arrive at your final results. Present your key findings with respect to the central research topic, and state the secondary findings.

All the graphs and figures you include should be clear and cover at least half a page. Ensure that diagrams and figures included are appropriately numbered since you will use this numbers to reference in the body of the research paper.

  • Discussion and recommendations

This is the closing stage of the paper. Here you have to summarize the whole work, discussing all the findings in a few paragraphs. Do they actually support facts and existing theories? Why have the results turned out the way they did?  Don’t forget to provide recommendations according to the finding of your research paper as well, suggesting some actions to be taken.

  • Summary and Conclusion

Sup up the results of your research paper in details and analyze your work findings

  • References

Include a list of all complete citations for any journal or other sources you have referenced in the content of the research paper.

  • Acknowledgements

This section requires you to acknowledge assisted you in one way or another to complete your research paper successfully.

With a detailed outline, you now have all the required information and basic format, to write, concentrating only on sentence flow, grammar, and transition sentences. In case you want to reorganize your content while you’re mid-way, refer to your outline and check the new structural idea.

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