How to Write an Essay?

Date: April 27, 2017

How to write a good essay? Sure, you can have your cup of coffee and wait for the inspiration, or you can write down everything that’s on your mind, or you can read every single infographic on the web about essay write. In practice, no magic essay writing tips will do if you are actually bad at writing. They say you can only improve your writing skills, but how to develop ones?

First of all, what are the main things you should know about writing a really good essay? Get this into your ears: idea, structure, and emotion.


If you want to write a good, let’s say, discussion essay the first item on your writing to-do list is the idea – topic you want to write about. Write about the things that bother you, about the problems people always struggle with, about the joy people rarely admit. How to write an essay that will stand out? Choose the most intriguing and the most compelling topic for it.


If you want to essay write effectively, always mind the structure:

  • Essay introduction (write a few opening sentences on the issue you are going to discuss in the body paragraphs);
  • 2-3 Body paragraphs (answer the questions your reader might answer about the topic);
  • Essay conclusion (sum up the whole discussion, or just leave the conclusion open if you want your reader to conclude it).

Following the structure of the essay is a sure-fire way to a good essay already. Besides that, the outline is extremely easy to follow, so that every student is within the power to handle it. How to write essays that will stand out? Follow the basic essay structure and you will definitely succeed. 


If you need a perfect essay, write it with emotion. It’s not necessarily about words with emotional color, don’t overplay with such words as “excellent”, “awesome”, “terrific” etc. Make your paper a reflection of one big emotion – happiness, despair, aspiration or anything else that your topic conceals. How to write a essay that will inspire every reader? Make it an emotional story, make the reader feel that you’ve just had a nice frank talk with them.

If you were struggling before with the question “How to write an essay to get an A?”, get prepared for the easy going writing process now. The three elements described above are the keys to getting your excellent grades and developing your writing skills.


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