How to Write a Good Descriptive Essay with a Powerful Thesis?

Date: June 27, 2013

Unlike narrative essays that reveal meaning through personal stories, descriptive essays reveal meaning through detailed sensory observation, creating a picture in your reader’s mind by engaging all the senses of smell, sight, touch to taste and sound.

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The Descriptive Essay

As a genre of essay, a descriptive essay asks you to describe an object, a person, a place or an experience taking into account all the human senses.

Descriptive essays bring the subject to life by merging the power of language with all human senses to create an emotional connection with the readers while appreciating the significance of the subject.

The intent of a descriptive essay is to portrait a person or an object skillfully in a vivid manner that makes the reader feel like he sees it himself.

The Descriptive Essay Outline

It’s easier to create an overview of the topic to be discussed before putting anything else on paper as it helps the writer compile their essay easily. Remember that before writing; be sure you identify the topic first.

The outline of a descriptive essay is composed of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Ensure that every detail you include in the outline revolves around the topic which is the primary focus of your descriptive essay.

An Introduction

In the introduction, the writer states the reason he’s describing a particular person, object, situation or emotion. Convey your general impression of the subject and how it makes you feel.

The Body

Students are asked to write a five paragraph essay with three paragraphs as the body of the essay. Introduce a new stage of your chosen topic using a topic sentence. Further, give factual and sensory details of the same to keep your readers on track.


Tie everything together in your conclusion paragraph and restate your essay’s thesis. Be sure to summarize your essay and explain why the person or object you’re describing is important.


The Writing Process for Your Descriptive Essay

Writing requires a lot of work, and once you realize this, you’ll be able to come up with a great final draft. Following the proven steps of writing helps students.


In this stage, you’ll need to take the time to think about what you want to describe and why. Do you want to write about a significant person in your life? Or perhaps a place that holds meaning? It could be your parent, a tree house or your favorite toy.

Once you settle with the topic, spend some time thinking about the qualities you want to describe and brainstorm all ideas associated with your topic.


While drafting your essay, ensure you follow the outline but remember your ultimate goal: to give your reader a wealth of experience of the topic. In a descriptive essay, you show, not tell, and the best way to do this is to involve all the senses.

Write so that your reader will be able to have a clear picture of the sunset in his mind, hear the song or smell the flowers outside.

Use figurative language to get this out while using concrete images in describing the subject. Similes and metaphors will work perfectly in your descriptive essay.


It’s now time to review, modify and reorganize your work to make the best final draft. Pay keen attention on how the essay unfolds and that the paragraphs describe the topic.

Did you give enough details for the reader to have a complete picture? Always keep your reader in mind whenever you write.

Editing the Essay

This is the point where you proofread and correct any grammatical errors. Watch out for the clichés too.

Have a friend read your essay to see trouble spots so that you can edit your essay with a different and new perspective.

Useful tips for writing a good descriptive essay

While writing a descriptive essay can be both rich and rewarding, it can conversely be a bit complicated. However, with a few helpful tips, you’ll surely be on the right track.

Use interesting adjectives

Avoid nondescript adjectives like good, bad or nice and consider some new interesting words like effervescent using a thesaurus.

Avoid clichés

These are common sayings that have been used over and over that they have eventually lost meaning. Rather than using sayings like ‘he broke my heart’ or ‘a heart of gold’, be creative and try to come up with your original comparisons.

Don’t tell, show

Use words that supply vivid sensory details to your subject rather than vague or ambiguous words that only tell. Showing words use very specific details that create an image in your reader’s mind.

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