Essay Structure

Date: October 30, 2013

Essay Structure

This article will explain and present How to Write an Essay. The basic essay, written in high school or college has a standard, five-paragraph structure. It is important to get familiar and to learn to work with this formula since inspiration alone is not necessarily the key to efficient five-paragraph essay writing. If you have any questions about essay structure – ask our professionals!

Why Should We Stick to a Particular Structure?

The intention behind having a clear essay structure is to ease on the reader throughout the process of navigation among the ideas which have been put forth in an essay. If every essay has the same form, then the reader, who is familiar with the concept, is able to find quickly the information relevant to them.

In spite the fact that there are many types of essays, varying in length, purpose, and format, they all have a common denominator: following a premeditated structure.

Clear and defined structure helps us to organize the flow of ideas, images, and arguments into groups, themes and subjects, all of which will then be used as our building blocks when approaching the construction of the essay.

Structure lets us present our ideas in a clearer way; without it, the reader might lose sight of the point we are trying to make. Having a structure is like having steps which lead into different rooms where our ideas and the points we are trying to make, are presented. Without these steps, we wouldn’t be able to reach the rooms, and without the rooms, all of the concepts would be piled up together in a mass of material.

An expository essay is the commonest and the most basic of essays. This kind of work requires the writer to explore an idea, assess affirmations, move further with the idea and present an argument supporting that idea in a brief and comprehensive manner.

The work on this kind of essay implies the use of different tools: definition, example, comparison and contrast, and cause and effect analysis.

Basic Five-Paragraph Essay Structure

Write me an essay basically, means constructing a number of consistent ideas into an argument. These ideas must be presented in a way the reader can comprehend. A well-to-do essay will attend to the reader’s logic. The central point of an essay will dictate its structure through the information and its sequencing.

The five-paragraph essay consists of

The Introductory Paragraph

This is the paragraph that sets everything off. It is perhaps the toughest to deal with, yet also the most important. This paragraph establishes the tone of the whole essay.

The role of introduction is to establish the topic and to state the thesis. It serves to generate an interest in the suggested subject or raise a question. This paragraph can also show the structure and methodology of your essay. Here’s how to build the introductory part:

• Topic
– Its boundaries
– Why it is interesting

• Structure and Methodology
– Main sections of the essay
– Why do they come in that order
– How are you planning to draw conclusions from the information

• Thesis Statement
– General claim about the presented information (premise)
– Consequences of the above (conclusion)

Make sure your thesis is an arguable claim rather than a fact or an observation. It is essential to come up with a strong thesis; this is the anchor of the whole essay.

A thesis statement should hold an assertion. It has to be something which can be argued. “Most wooden tables float in water” isn’t a thesis statement.

This paragraph is your chance to draw the reader in. It is also a great guideline for you when working later on through the rest of the essay.

It should take approximately eight to ten percent from the whole; if your essay should be 1,500 words, then the introductory part would comprise to 150 words.

The Body Paragraphs

They are also called the supporting paragraphs. Your best and strongest idea, argument or illustration will usually be presented in the first body paragraph.

Second body paragraph will usually include your second strongest idea, argument or illustration.

The third body paragraph will usually contain the weakest idea, argument or illustration. All of the paragraphs must be anchored and hooked to the end of the preceding paragraph, thus flowing naturally and logically from one another.

The cohesion between all of the paragraphs is necessary to maintain continuity. Here are a few linking phrases and words which might help you with this task. Each group indicates a specific connection:

Make sure you don’t overuse these phrases, especially the ones indicating the time. One of the dangers when writing an essay is creating a “walk-through” structure, such that follows the timeline of the text, instead of your own argument.

These are just some of the ways you can connect with the previous paragraph. Another good way is repeating the specific words you have used in the last sentence of the previous paragraph; use them again in the first sentence of the following paragraph, while preparing to develop your next point.

Each body paragraph has to have a topic sentence; this acts as a mini-thesis and will usually come at or near the start.

Concluding paragraph

This paragraph alludes to the pattern applied in the introductory paragraph. You should restate the original thesis statement in new words or such that will echo with the language previously used. Summarize the three main keynotes from the body of the essay. Give a final statement which will signal to the reader that this is the end of the discussion.

Essay Structuring Tips

• As soon as you are given an essay question, unleash your thinking. Early bird gets the worm is absolutely true in this case. The sooner you start the more in advantage you’ll be.

• Brainstorming while preparing for the writing is a good way to generate ideas and see how things relate to each other.

• Remember, the title is your most vital guidance. The task you are dealing with is as stated in the title, nothing less, nothing more. Whenever you’re in doubt or feeling stuck, go back a step and take another look at the essay title.

• It is better if you write the introductory paragraph in an active voice, and don’t use “I” for other than autobiographical narrative.

• When writing a question essay, make sure you fully understand the question.

– If it is an open-ended question essay, then narrow it down and explain your choice in the introductory paragraph, to show that you are fully aware of the wider view.

– If the question is a closed-ended, take a time to think about it; make a list of all that you know: for a fact, maybe know and don’t know. Then study whatever it is you don’t know.

• In every body, paragraph suggests some kind of evidence. Bring quotes and references to the text you are using, together with a logical line of reasoning and clarification for your own interpretations.

• Wherever it is you choose to place your strongest argument, always make sure to keep your focus on the thesis statement. Keep in line with your introductory paragraph to reaffirm that you are steady on the track. Strong-weak-weaker or vice-versa: whichever order it is in, be sure it makes sense.

• It is often helpful to view different parts of the essay as though answering questions your reader may ask when facing your thesis.

• Finally, if your essay writing is timed, it is better to have it poorly written but fully structured rather than the opposite.

To write a good five-paragraph essay it is important to prepare well, use various sources and focus on the question in hand. The structure is there for you to have all your wonderful ideas pass coherently to the reader.

Before writing the final draft required for submission, spare a minute to proofread your essay to correct misspelled words. Finally, if unsure of anything, always ask for assistance. Feel free to email our support team at [email protected] for more information or place your order using the order form.

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