Cause and Effect Essay: A Fantastic Guide to Writing a Powerful Essay

Date: October 30, 2013

Composing a good cause and effect essay entails following a logical outline, and once you develop the outline, the essay can be quite easy than it might seem.

What Is a Cause and Effect Essay?

Cause and effect essays usually center on why things occur (causes) and the outcomes of the happenings (effects). Cause and effect are termed as the main approach of discussing and organizing ideas. This essay should be well-defined to enable the readers clearly get the relationship between the causes and effects being presented. Below is a guide on how to write a cause and effect essay.

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Roles of a Cause and Effect Essay

1) It can examine the ways in which many effects can arise from a particular cause (“Center on Effects” approach)

Sample: One major reason youths use drugs is due to lack of employment opportunities.

2) Or it can evaluate the ways in which numerous causes result to a particular effect (“Emphasize on Causes” approach)

Sample: One of the major effects of deforestation on the ecosystem is global warming.

Format of a Standard Cause and Effect Essay


The introductory paragraph should:

  • Grab your reader’s attention
  • Present the general background information on the topic
  • Introduce the thesis statement
  • Make use of transitional words and phrases to shift to the body paragraphs


In each paragraph:

  • Reflect on a single cause or effect
  • State your main point in the first sentence to indicate the cause or effect
  • Provide supporting details and facts to back up your idea
  • Analyze the process by use of transition words.


A good conclusion should perform the following:

  • Summarize the main ideas or arguments
  • Reword the thesis statement in different words
  • Provide a final statement on the topic

The Logical Organization of a Cause and Effect Essay

Most explanations and discussions include cause-and-effect logic in only several paragraphs, a sentence, or a phrase within a sentence. Whenever you want to state the reason as to why something has transpired, you are employing the cause-and-effect logic.

Make a List

It is always advisable to create a list of all probable effects and the causes linked to your topic to assist your topic to turn out to be more focused. Confirm the strength of the relationships in every effect and cause in your worksheet by analyzing them. This can offer you a better understanding of how the ideas ought to fit together and the topics that you are most comfortable handling.

Create a Stunning Outline

Firstly, you need to develop an outline for your topic. This will be the starting point of your essay and the ’cause.’ Provide a detailed background of the ’cause’ to make the basis of your essay more understandable by your readers. Establish the structure of your essay from the developed outline.

Brainstorm causes and effects to identify ideal essay topics. It is necessary to generate a general statement to clarify cause-effect in the discussion. You can derive topic structures from these points. To advance your outline, verify first point or statement. Logically list causes, while explaining reasons for the effect to occur. Present detailed list proving the form points beneath the first point. Sign-off with a sentence that connects to the next paragraph.

Repeat the structure for the cause and effect. Offer support details list and scribble a hint into the next paragraph. Insert a conclusion beneath all points so as to tight paragraphs together. You will have a rich essay outline with an informative description, three bold statements; Use form points for causes under their statements, then present a feasible conclusion. You can henceforth write the essay, utilizing your outline as background.

Make an effective Introduction

A cause-effect essay, typically describes the background of an issue, so as to explain a cause and why to understand its resultant effect is of great importance. You can, however, discuss known effects’ root. The true purpose of an ideal introduction is to diligently unleash the purpose of the essay and further showcase issues at stake. A thesis statement should feature as your introductory paragraph’s conclusion.

Remember that your conclusion is meant to give a preview of the overall perspective of the essay. Your essay must abide by its underlying thesis statement. For instance, an essay on ‘United States Prohibition’ the thesis statement can be outlined as follows: “Lucrative illegal industry arises from religious groups pressuring the government to enhance prohibition.”

Put the general statement of your choice in the thesis and identify points that emphasize to prove your statement. These will serve as your main outline structures.

Come up with Strong Arguments

Both causes and effects demand that you come up with at least three solid arguments. These will be your essay’s core points. Elaborate effects related to your event, phenomenon or trend. Be sure to refer regularly to causes so as to make necessary links and connections to aid your audience understand the cause and effect deeply.

Each argument must have back up of 2-3 descriptive, factual statements emphasizing it. For instance, supposing your argument reads “Violent crime in prohibition era increase feuded by bootleggers,” you may need to provide statistical crime support in the mentioned era.

Too many points will confuse your reader. You, therefore, need to limit your pillar points to approximately three. There always will exist be multiple causes or effects the diverse relationships that exist, depending on essay length; strive to ensure that the statements are limited to three.

A Note about your Content

Depending on points the writer intends to analyze, each essay should employ diverse body paragraphs. Furthermore, body paragraphs end up similar to some degree. Paragraphs should be specific to a given argument in the essay; can be a unique cause of an effect or a unique effect of a cause.

The first sentence of a given paragraph usually combines with the preceding one’s last sentence, enabling a clear, smooth and frictionless transition. Keep in mind that transitions always isolate a great essay from good ones. The paragraph’s body content should hence be made via a descriptive, clean analysis of the relationship therein between an effect and its cause.

Sum It Up

An essay’s conclusion is one of the main parts and the one that leaves a lasting impression on your readers; thus, it should be a powerful and appealing conclusion. The ideas presented in the body paragraphs are summarized, through an analysis of the chosen topic question. The main essay ideas are summed up in this section, reminding the reader your topic’s overarching causes and effects.

You can as well include your own insights into the solutions regarding the topic. This paragraph’s final sentence should restate the thesis statement, backed by the facts in the body paragraphs. In the conclusion, it is necessary to cover the main idea presented so that your opinions can be tied together by your readers.

Organize Your Essay

Organize your essay systematically. Include a thesis statement within your outline, showcasing your trend; beginning an essay with an event or phenomenon is a feasible model to adhere.

A five sentence cause and effects essay sample

Today, cities have continually emerged to be metropolitans in which approximately half of mankind inhabits. This can be attributed to the rapid industrial revolution that occurred in the 19th century; resulting in massive job creation in the cities’ environs. Moreover, many learning institutions have been set up to educate factory laborers’ children. Better education in metropolitans has encouraged rural communities to invade the City. Finally, the growth of cities has evolved new lifestyles that appear more interesting compared to rural life.


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