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Date: September 6, 2018

Have you ever found yourself stuck? Without any hint on how to write a business proposal perfect to impress and be sure to turn the heads of many. Well, we’re here to help. With our well trained, vetted and efficient experts you don’t have to worry anymore. We offer the best services in the market with outstanding business proposals online that are sure to impress.

I bet by now you’re wondering how we manage to offer such amazing services. We’ll definitely help show you how to write business proposals that are perfect to anyone or any organization. From the basics, structures, necessities to the format on which to follow, we will be sure to help you understand. Business proposals are normally a major key requirement in the sales process; they are critically important documents and might be the decisive factor in the success or failure of the writer.

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So what precisely are business proposals? Business proposals are documents you submit to a prospective client showing clearly the services/goods you are offering and explaining while you are best suited for a given position. It’s normally a pitch made by an individual or a business to finish a project or assignment, to offer services or supply a product for the prospective client. Proposals are generally categorized into two: solicited proposals and unsolicited proposals. Solicited business proposals are proposals in which the potential client sends out a request for proposal while unsolicited business proposals are proposals in which you approach the potential client hoping to attract a business opportunity even though the potential client has not requested for one.

Guidelines to Writing the Best Business Proposal Letter

You may come to ask yourself what the best business proposal structure is. Here we provide you with the best structure that our dedicated team of experts has come up with. Our help with a business proposal format has proven effective in all our written business proposals and is sure to help you write outstanding business proposals. Let us help you write a good business proposal letter. On a starting note:

  • Your business proposals should always begin with a title page. It should be inclusive of your name, the name of your company, the name or organization of the prospective client with whom you want to work for or with.
  • A table of contents. The table of contents is a great addition depending on the length of your business proposals. It should be placed immediately after the title page and before you go into more details with your business proposals.
  • You would want to introduce your proposal with an executive summary. An impressive executive summary should be developed by the writer. It should be able to sell your business and the services or products it is offering.
  • After the executive summary, you need to further discuss the statement of the job at hand, issue or problem. Discuss the problem that the client may be facing. Think of this loosely, their problem may be associated with the need to find the right person for a project or a supplier of certain In this position, it is an opportunity to show the client that you are fully aware of and understand their needs and the issue they are trying to solve. Talk about the problem they are facing in your own words so that they are made aware that you understand what they are specifically looking for.
  • Methodology and approach. This is the segment where you show the prospective client on how you are planning to take care of his needs or issues and the steps you intend to take in doing this. Here is where you really get into it. While on the other sections you were a bit shallow, in this section you need to go into more detail about the steps you intend to take to satisfy their needs. It is advisable to be keen not to go too much into detail. The potential should be able to read and clearly understand your plan.
  • This is the part where you can convince the prospective client that you are the most suitable candidate for the position to be filled. You may mention your education milestones, specific industry training, your past successful similar projects undertaken and your experience.
  • Guidelines and scheme. State the time limit for the proposed project. It is always necessary to be very clear with your prospective client. So that you can be on the same note with the potential client, this ensures positivity as you go forward with the client. In the case you are offering a product instead, this part may not be applicable to the writer.
  • Remuneration, cost and legal matters. Here you are required to state the cost of your services or products and a payment schedule if needed. If there are any issues that need legal attention including licensing and permits, you may add a part solely intended to handle the legal matters.
  • This is where you get to sell the benefits. Tell the client more as to why you are the most suitable candidate for the project. Always write to impress on this section.

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