The Definition of Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is the act of creating prose or text for pay, but not necessarily recognition. Likewise, the definition of ghostwriter is similar in nature: ghostwriters create fiction and non-fiction books, essays and articles, as well as songs, screenplays and many other kinds of writing. They do not sign their own name to the work; it is generally attributed to someone else – either the person who has hired them or their representative. Summing up, whenever you hear the question ‘what is ghost writer’, you should know that this is someone who does some writing on behalf of someone else and is usually paid for it.

When to Use a Ghost Writer

There are some areas in which ghostwriting is common. Politicians and celebrities, for example, frequently use professional ghost writers for memoirs, important speeches, social media posts and other forms of writing for the general public. US President Donald Trump in his memoir, The Art of the Deal, worked "with" Tony Schwartz. The 'with' or 'as told to' attribution generally means the secondary person, the ghostwriter, actually wrote the book.


However, anyone can use a ghost writer for any reason – they are common in business, the music and film industries, and for individual and company biographies.

Here are some of the types of projects that might benefit from the skills of a ghostwriter:

  • White papers – these are authoritative reports published by companies who wish to offer subscribers or visitors to their website comprehensive information about a particular subject or area.
  • Eulogies, best man, and other special occasion speeches – do not necessarily have to be written by the person who will deliver them. For these meaningful moments, ghostwriting is acceptable and helpful.
  • Adapting a novel to a screenplay – often the original author's name remains on the movie even though their idea has been significantly re-worked by other writers.
  • Copy for a company website – often, text in the form of blog posts or page copy is created by a ghostwriter that has nothing to do with the company whose website it is. This type of text, known as content marketing, is increasingly a feature of doing business online.

Why Use a Ghost Writer?

Ghost writers can come in handy if the person commissioning the work is not actually a very good writer. They may have an amazing story to tell, but don't have the skills to formulate it in readable prose. Or, they not have the time available to labour over a manuscript.

In other instances, they might be an excellent writer but are well known for a particular genre of writing. They may ghostwrite work under another name when they wish to experiment with a new style or genre.

A music artist who has a way with beats may not have a way with words. It is common practice in the music industry for lyrics to a song to be supplied to a ghostwriter or even a team of them. Hip-hop singer Meek Mill recently called out Drake for using ghostwriters on hit songs with his own name on them. It led to a high-profile spat on social media, but the practice is very common – it's just not often talked about.

In the business and tech industries, technical language can be a barrier to comprehension by the general layperson. It is not uncommon for a well-rounded ghost writer to work with an engineer, scientist or CEO to construct documents that are full of information, but still readable for a mainstream public.

Sometimes ghostwriting is simply about non-attribution. In the forties, acclaimed American screenwriter Dalton Trumbo was unable to put his own name on scripts for hit movies such as Roman Holiday and The Brave One, due to blacklisting by a government agency investigating him for alleged Communist activities. He wrote as Ian McClellan Hunter.

The moral of this story is – ghost writers aren't all hacks. Some of them are the finest writers around.

Top 5 Tips for Working with a Ghost Writer

TIP 1. Clarify your thoughts before beginning.

Create an outline, or work on one with the ghost writer, that includes major chapter headings or sections. At the very least define how the document will begin and end, and list a few things that must be included in between.

TIP 2. Communicate openly about who does what and how you will work together.

There are as many ways to work as there are individuals. Will you dictate your thoughts? Provide written notes? Edit the ghostwriter's initial draft – or vice versa?

TIP 3. Be patient.

It may take the ghostwriter a while to understand your material and establish a voice.

TIP 4. Don't expect to keep your relationship a secret.

If your's is a good project, the ghost writer will naturally want to mention it somewhere. Decide to what degree you are comfortable with this. It may be that you need to include a non-disclosure clause in your contract with them.

TIP 5. At its best, ghostwriting can help you realize a work that otherwise might not exist.

But when you and the ghost writer have finished your work, let it go – it may be your story, but once the piece is finished it's in the public realm and is no longer yours (and your ghostwriter's) alone.

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