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Writing A Feature Article: Insights, Tips And Everything You Need To Know To Become A Professional Author

Students face various challenges throughout their academic careers. And if you believe such tasks as dissertation or research paper writing to be the most bloodcurdling, wait till you are assigned with feature article writing. A simple and exciting task at first, it sends the majority of scholars to walk down the blind alley.

What is a feature article?

It is a piece of writing that provides an in-depth look at certain events, notions, issues and various subjects of human interest. It aims at drawing readers’ attention and emerging their emotional intensity through engaging content. To put it short: a feature article is a story and is usually written for editorials and newspapers.

What is the difficulty?

As editorial projects, feature articles are often beyond one’s depth. The student is expected to conduct original research, follow specific writing requirements, be creative and have his/her way with the words.

There are different types of article writing: persuasive feature article, opinion and entertainment articles, biographical and news articles, etc. Depending on the type required, the general structure of an article varies. However, it is advised to adhere to the standard order:

  • Introduction: headline, sub-headline, opening line, introductory paragraph.
  • Body: at least five paragraphs that elaborate on the topic.
  • Conclusion: a summary of events or ideas described.

The best part about feature article writing is that you, as an author, have the liberty to design your own view on the text structure and its content. However, there is a high chance your readers will not appreciate this frivolity. Below, you will find some useful tips that will ensure your writing will impress readers in the best manner possible.

The List Of Feature Article Conventions – Learn Top 5 Secrets Of Successful Writing

There is no universal instruction with rules for writing an outstanding feature article. But there generally accepted conventions that are advised for young authors to follow.The main features of a feature article include:

  • Language choice.

Choose the style for your text – formal or informal. Set the tone of voice. Decide whether the narration will be presented from the first or third person. Make sure the entire text is written under the same style, tone of voice and narrator.

  • Variety of constructions.

Try to diversify your vocabulary and sentence length. Use synonyms. Emotive constructions, relevant jokes and rhetorical questions will draw readers’ attention – use them where applicable.

  • Tense usage.

As with language choice, the application of tenses requires consistency. We recommend writing your article in the present tense.

  • Visuals usage.

If possible, boost the emotiveness of your article with visual examples. Be careful and use them on point only.

  • Engaging and verified content.

Your reader is eager for interesting information. To keep readers’ attention, insert useful and entertaining facts throughout the text.

These are just some tips to successful feature writing. If you want to research this topic in more detail, reach out to an experienced author for profound guidance.

The Final Checklist: Make Sure Your Feature Article Is On Point

Here’s an ultimate checklist for your self-examination. These 10 statements will help you verify that the final version of the text is everything you wanted it to be:

  • I have treated the subject of my article adequately.
  • I have completed the research and checked it for correctness.
  • I have provided enough hard facts and evidence to support the topic.
  • I have used the same tone of voice and writing style throughout the whole text.
  • I have ensured a logical workflow of my thoughts and ideas.
  • I have enriched my copy with diverse vocabulary.
  • I have put an engaging headline and introduction to catch the reader’s attention.
  • I have ensured the balance and density of the paragraphs and sections on the text.
  • I have appropriately structured and formatted my writings.
  • I have edited and proofread the final version of my article.

Let Us Help: Why Is It Better To Order Feature Articles Written By OZ Authors

Feature article writing is a challenging task. It requires a specific set of personal and professional characteristics, profound experience in journalism and custom writing, creative approach and full concentration on the topic. Sometimes, even competent authors refuse to burden themselves with such a demanding task. Luckily our writers never miss out on an opportunity to help students with feature article writing.How – and most importantly – why is it worth ordering an article from OZ writers? Here are a few supporting points:

  • Exclusive text.

Your Aussie writer is a keen professional. He or she is capable of conducting original research within any required topic. This allows delivering a 100% exclusive content.

  • Perfect grammar.

Mistakes, misspellings and odd comas – you certainly don’t want your feature article to look like a joke. Place your order with our writer, and he or she will ensure an absolute faultlessness of your copy.

  • Insights application.

Only an experienced author knows all the insights of feature article writing. Eye-catching opening lines, smart quotations, appealing text structure, and so on – these secret techniques will keep the reader’s attention from the first word until the last one.

  • Double-checked.

We do not trust one pair of eyes when it comes to writing orders for our customers. Therefore, trained editors and proofreaders double-check every copy after the writer does it. Thus we dispel any doubts regarding the quality of your order.

  • Right on time.

Deadlines put extra pressure on scholars. OZessay team promises to help you with any assignment despite its complexity and due date. We adhere to this promise strictly and always deliver orders right on time.

The above guarantees are just the tip of an iceberg. To find out more – contact our support manager for detailed information. Or place an order right away and experience the delightful advantages of our essay writing service for yourself.