Thesis Statement: Example Formula of How to Write a Thesis Statement

Date: October 30, 2013

What Is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a claim in a college essay that the writer intends to expand upon in the body of their essay. A thesis statement also acts as the launching pad for the direction that the writer will take in the essay. A thesis statement is just that – a statement that is clear, concise, and will be backed by data. Typically, in most compositions, the thesis statement is in the introductory paragraph.

Many high school students tend to write a lackadaisical thesis statement, with many foregoing the thesis statement altogether. Without a thesis statement, the writer will have a difficult time staying focused on any assertions that they make. Even if the essay deals with a subject that may be straightforward and obvious, the writer will significantly benefit from an essay driving off of a well-thought out thesis statement.

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Who Reads A Thesis Statement?

Anyone who reads your essay inevitably read your thesis statement. Your educator, your teacher, lecturer, professor will read it. The thesis statement informs the reader of the direction of the essay and how you will get there. Similar to an executive summary but not as lengthy the thesis statement is a short, sharp piece of content to quickly inform and digest. It will include details and examples by including strong pieces of evidence to back up the statement.

Understanding the Unique Parts of a Thesis Statement

Many people take the opportunity of an essay to write literary prose that will woo readers. However, the thesis statement is a perfect opportunity to be absolutely direct with the reader. Depending on the topic or the subject, a first-person narrative can easily embolden a thesis statement. For example, this is an example of a compelling, direct thesis statement

“In this essay, I’ll elaborate on how solar panels can benefit communities, with an emphasis on the environmental benefits of alternative energy sources.”

This type of thesis statement is direct, does not leave much room for bias, and will be founded on a treasure trove of information that will persuade and educate the reader. Even though the first-person narrative tends to be the most compelling, the first-person narrative may not be allowed. To get to a powerful thesis statement, the writer needs to ask himself a pretty straightforward question: “what are my main points that I will focus on in my essay?”

How to Write a Thesis Statement?

By the end of the first paragraph, the reader should be familiar with what you will be talking about in your essay. The clarity on a college essay hinges on the thesis statement, so it is imperative that it is well-developed to effectively guide the reader.

Before coming up with a thesis statement, take the opportunity to brainstorm. Listing ideas will allow you to attack a particular subject from a unique slant, giving you the opportunity to attack a particular subject that might’ve initially been deemed monotonous. For example, if the topic that you are going to be talking about in your essay pertains to water irrigation systems and which ones work best, then you might start by making a list of different irrigation systems and the different pros and cons of each system. This will give you the guide to create an opinion that will lead to a developed, fleshed out thesis statement.

Once you have chosen a certain arguments or perspective, then the research should start. The research is just as important, as it will help dictate the direction of the essay and what type of thesis statement you can adequately back up. The research will help the college writer to gather supporting points that they will touch upon in the composition.

For the best thesis statement make sure to:

  • Choose the correct kind of paper. Teachers usually assign a specific format or writing style for their papers. However, if you are allowed freedom to choose formatting, then you may be unaware of the different types of articles. An analytical, expository, and argumentative paper tend to be the three most common types of articles. An analytical paper breaks down a particular issue, an expository essay will explain something to the reader, and an argumentative essay will make a particular claim about a topic that will be justified by quality references and citations. Typically, the claim is an opinion or an evaluation.
  • Limit your topic. Many people make grandiose claims in the thesis statements and ultimately find it hard to find citations and references that will back up their claims. Make sure that your topic is hyper-focused, allowing you to create a concentrated thesis statement.

Remember the purpose of your thesis statement and your essay is to create a debate and is why it is an arguable statement – it is to prove a point of view.

Can You Provide a Sample Thesis Statement?

Yes, we can. However, since there are so many scenarios when one might need a thesis statement, we write and share our thesis statements on a case-by-case basis. Email us with your assignment topic, provide assignment description and we will respond with several high-quality thesis statement samples.

Consider the Meaning of Synopsis

The description by Bovee and Thill reads “A synopsis is a brief overview (one page or less) of a report’s (here they refer to writing an executive summary) most important point” … Because it’s a concise representation of the whole report, it may be distributed separately to a wide audience”

In this context, consider for your thesis statement how to deliver the most important points in a concise manner and the keywords you can use. Cut down on long phrases that can be expressed by using one or two words. Examples of this are: at the present time to now, with reference to, becomes about, come in contact with, to meet etc.

Consider the type of language you are using for your thesis statement. Is it appropriate, is it easy to understand and suited to the reader’s needs. You need to think about making the thesis statement has clarity, credibility, and readability.

Checklist for a Thesis Statement

To make sure you have in fact written a thesis statement and not just a summary of events take time to answer these questions about your statement:

  • Have I answered the question? Make sure you have directly answered the question you have been asked. Sometimes after writing the essay and then quickly creating the thesis statement there is a chance you may have gone off track, even just slightly so it is important to check this simple point
  • Is my thesis statement arguable? Try and look at your thesis statement from another perspective or someone else’s point of view. If you can hear yourself having an inner dialogue on why others may debate it then you have created a thesis statement.  If you don’t then the danger is you may have just written a statement, not a thesis statement.
  • Do my pieces of evidence or examples work well to support my thesis statement?  Make sure you use your most powerful 3 pieces of evidence that are written well and to the point.  Remember clarity and readability for any effective communications.

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