What is a Term Paper

A term paper typically refers to a research paper that is written by students in the term or semester depending on the course you are undertaking. The report is handed in by the end of the semester or term, and it accounts for a higher percentage of the score to be awarded. Term papers are intended to give a description of an event or give an argument based on a certain concept. It should be original work from the student discussing in details, and it is usually lengthy. At this times where computer evolution has brought content much closer to people, plagiarism is a major problem where students are tempted to imitate content from different authors, and this should be avoided at all costs.

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Format of a term paper

Below is a guideline to a term paper format that gives an outline of what a student is expected to do when writing the content.

An abstract

This is a short description of the paper. It serves as a highlight on the issue a student is researching on. A researcher is prompted to give an account of why the issue is important and the findings.

Introduction of the paper

Provide an explanation of what is the problem or issue. A literature review is also given, and it should cover current thinking, what was found and particular approaches to the problem being addressed. After this, account for what is intended on the problem in discussion. A solution should also be provided on how the student is going to deal with the problem.

Methods used

Describe how you came about to finding information related to the topic. Your impression of relevance, quality or utility of the collected data is also a consideration in methods part. Outline special steps taken to utilize the data.


This part covers results found to solve the problem in hand. If there are problems that have the same findings as those found by the researcher, they should also be included by answering the questions in the introduction part.


Here is where a student gives the meaning of observations. Give a summary of the most significant findings and conclusions that can be drawn from the explanation. Also, write about how your results fit in a wider context.

Term paper outline template

A guideline to follow:

An author of a term paper has a responsibility to give the reader information that is beyond what he or she could get from source materials directly. Some of the services that can be performed for the reader may include:

• Research with an investigation that composes a hard-to-find content and joins it in a comprehensible representation.
• A synthesis that has diverse things that can be drawn to show how they are related.
• An organization that comprises of structure and continuity of diverse items that have been obtained.
• Critical analysis where an examination of arguments is done to scrutinise or validity, logic, and defects.
• Enlighten on what is difficult by making the arguments to become clearer to whoever is reading.
• Show relation of your subject and how it fits in the broader context, in another related field or history.
• Take away the irrelevant details so as to be left with the key issues of what is complex.

Research materials

Before you start writing, have a plan or an idea in mind that is genuine and choose a communication that can be understood. An idea is given a boost by reading everything that one can come across related to your idea. Sometimes it appears difficult to keep reading as a dozen materials can be little. Not everything you read will be of importance to you, and you might take time before finding something unique. Take a look at reviews that can be found in major reference books as they can aid in giving additional references and leads. Find some of the scholarly journals and other content that address a general audience like newspapers. Secondary sources like encyclopedias are also very useful as they give an overview of what the primary sources contain.

A strategy to research

General encyclopedias provide you with an overview of the history, people and technical terms you can use to further your research. Some contain bibliographies that give you additional clues of other relations to the subject under research.

Follow the references you get to find papers and books in journals which provide clues for further research.

Use author names to find out if they have written other things.

Try to locate the reviews of the intended books as they contain more information about the books that is not in the books. Review experts are also knowledgeable about the topic discussed in the books.

Knowing people who contribute to the subject is an added advantage. Short articles related to the books will have hidden information that may or may not relate to your research.


After researching and writing the content, proof-read carefully to correct errors related to grammar and spelling. Critically go through your work for form and content purposes. Place yourself in the shoes of the reader and you will be able to find deficiencies that come by and provide suggestions to improve. Look for parts that the reader will find difficulty in reading and connect with ways to make it easy. The article should be enticing, and every detail in your work should serve a purpose. Avoid ‘flabby’ words and if any, replace them with something that is clearer and gives sense to your topic. Avoid colloquial English unless they drive to a point. Unless it is a political speech or something involving romance, also avoid emotion-laden phrases and words.

An outline of a sample template

The first part of the outline is usually the introduction, which distinguishes the subject and presents an overview of the reaction you have towards it. The introductory paragraph concludes with your thesis statement that denotes what you learned and whether or not your expectations were met. The thesis statement acts as the main point of your paper. It further offers a transition to the body paragraphs and will be rewarded in your conclusion paragraph.

The body section includes the three or more main ideas that support your thesis statement. All paragraphs in the body section are required to begin with a topic sentence. The remaining part should then support your topic sentence. Always remember to include a transition sentence at the end of every paragraph since this creates a logically and easy to read paper. Also, while you are creating the outline, recognize the subject sentence for every paragraph, and ensure that you include your supporting statements, proof, and your reactions or experiences to the topic under discussion.

Finally, wrap up your paper with a conclusion, which serves as an extra bookend in revisiting and proving the thesis statement you had earlier provided. In creating the conclusion outline, reword your thesis statement and as a recap, include the main ideas from the body paragraphs. Consider not adding further information to the conclusion part, and ensure to add the concluding statement of your term paper.

Sample Term Paper Outline:


Thesis: Write the actual one-sentence thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs:

(I). A complete sentence expressing the main point to support the thesis
A. For all capital letters, put a phrase representing what you will offer as proof from your research to support the main idea.
1. Phrase of specific support/evidence/examples/statistics

(II). Another key point to support the thesis statement; all body paragraphs should have a main point.
You need to include many roman numerals as you possess body paragraphs.

(III). Remember to carry on with this same format for the part of your body paragraphs.


Write a sentence stating the contribution your subject can bring.

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