What are the Main Features of PTE Essay Topics?

Date: September 10, 2018

PTE is an abbreviation for the Pearson test of English. There are two categories of this test that is the PTE Academic and the and the PTE General. PTE academic is an English language test that is computer-based and usually given to non-native English speaking students who desire to undertake overseas studies. The components tested in this examination are writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

Typically, the questions test a pair of skills. It can be based on reading and listening or speaking and reading. The entire test must be accomplished in one sitting and lasts for three hours. The candidate sits at a computer in an invigilated testing environment. The speech part is also done in front of the computer. A student’s voice is recorded and transmitted over the internet for evaluation. One major benefit of this exam is that you receive your results after a short period usually five days. The cost for undertaking this exam lies in the range of USD 150-210.

Another variant of the Pearson test of English is the PTE general. It was formerly known as the London test of English. This examination had the intention of rewarding high achievement in learning the English language. Testing consists of an interview and a written paper. However, this test is less common than the academic version. For a student to excel in PTE essay topics, they must have a proper grasp of English.

Major Challenges in PTE Writing Essay Topics

Most international students are not native English speakers. As such they find a lot of problems in speaking or writing perfect English. Therefore, when assigned PTE writing essay topics, they usually perform poorly in their papers. Dismal performance greatly hinders their chances of attaining admission to their dream colleges.

Other students experience challenges in coming up with substantial content to write in their PTE essay writing topics. Most of these PTE essays have specific requirements on length and quality. Whenever these students attempt to write, they end up with short essays that cannot earn them the required points. Therefore, it is crucial for them to buy PTE essay topics with answers to boost their chances of success in these examinations.

Another problem is that there are students who face financial difficulties. Companies selling good PTE writing topics charge a significant amount of money. The students who cannot afford to buy these topics fail to prepare adequately, which affects their performance when they take the PTE exam.

Other activities in daily life such as part-time jobs and family responsibilities place a lot of pressure on some students. Finding time to focus on PTE academic essay topics thus becomes difficult since the students are extremely exhausted and cannot concentrate effectively.

Tips on How to Write the Latest PTE Essay Topics

The latest PTE essay topics require proper mastery of language, grammar, and comprehension. For this reason, you need to get acquainted with the PTE past examination papers. Through these resources, you will get to know about the structure of the examinations as well as the type of questions to expect. Follow the three steps below for better performance in the PTE topics.

  • Read extensively

You will have to undertake a lot of reading. Wide reading will improve your vocabulary as well as language mastery. The better your language prowess, the higher your chances of gaining successful admission to the foreign universities.

  • Meditate on the topic

You must thoroughly think about the topic that you want to write about. Sometimes the instructor might assign the topic, or at times the test might require you to come up with creative essay topics for PTE academic writing. In case the instructor has already assigned the topic you will have to undertake detailed research to gain more insights on the topic.

  • Undertake research

While seeking information you can consult internet sources, read books in libraries, magazines, and journals. Make notes on the important points then create an outline of your paper.

Writing Proper Essay Topics for PTE

While writing essay topics for PTE, start with the introduction. This section includes the hook and your thesis statement. Ensure your hook is catchy to keep the reader interested in reading your paper. Your thesis must also be clear and concise. After that, you can proceed to the body segment where you will give detailed explanations of your topics.

All unique ideas are supposed to be on their individual paragraphs. Your thought flow process must also be evident all across the PTE exam essay topics through the interrelationship of your paragraphs. In your conclusion, summarise the ideas and end with a closing statement that can be a quote or a witty sentence.

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