How to Write a Brilliant Problem Solution Essay from Scratch

Date: April 1, 2018

Are you overwhelmed with doing your problem and solution essay? We have compiled a list of guidelines on how to write a problem solution essay for your IETLS or subjects in school. So you can develop a professional essay. Find valuable tips in writing a problem solution essay for middle school, high school or college. Discover how to do problem solution essay and properly structure it.

What is a Problem Solution Essay for College?

The definition of problem solution essay can be derived from its name alone. It is an academic paper where you start with the description of an existing problem followed by a discussion of one or more suggestion on how to solve the issue. It should discuss real-life issues. The essay writer needs to present a problem that concerns their area of study within their society and come up with solutions derived from accepted methods.

When you are given the task of writing a problem solution essay, the first thing you will need to do is find a captivating topic problem and innovative ways of dealing with it. Read on for advice on finding topic ideas, writing the thesis statement, developing your ideas and structuring your paper.

Narrowing down on the Best Topics for Your Essay

Selecting an appropriate topic for your essay can take you several hours, days or even weeks. Even if you develop a problem and solution essay topics list, identifying one that will get your readers thinking about your paper is a challenge.

Where to find good problem solution essay topics ideas:

  • Daily experiences

Evaluating the minute inconveniences or problems you go through while performing daily routine tasks can help you find real problems that require solving. The key here is to look closer at trivial issues.

  • Q&A forums

You will find dozens of uncommon problems in all areas by examining questions and answers about real issues facing people. These forums are great places to find inspiration on developing a unique topic for your essay.

  • Libraries

In a library, you will get vast resources in your area of focus by dozens of authors. In the midst of those books in your school library, lies unique problems questioned and deliberated by authors for years.

  • News and website articles

Since the advent of the internet, millions of articles on a variety of areas have been uploaded. Reading articles on the web will not only inspire you to think beyond established limits but can also get you that ‘it’ topic you may be looking for.

Write a Captivating Thesis for Your Problem Solution Paper

I have a topic, but how do I begin my problem solution essay? This question is a headache for many students.  Once you come up with a suitable topic, you will need to develop a thesis of a problem solution essay. A thesis is a statement should outline general idea of what you are writing about in the essay. It should be one or two sentences long. Though you need to tackle it right after coming up with a topic, it should typically be placed at the end of the introductory paragraph. The goal is to make it engaging and informative.

 How to Structure a Problem Solution Essay

Structuring your piece in a simple but organized layout can potentially increase your score and make the paper presentable. Let us look at how to write the different parts of your essay:

The Essay Introduction

Write a persuasive introduction stating the purpose and content of your essay. The introducing paragraph tells the reader whether to continue reading your essay. Make it short to avoid repeating yourself. The introduction should show the reader why the topic you have chosen is important. A paragraph or two is long enough. End your introduction with the thesis statement.

The Essay Body

The length and number of parts of the body of your essay are dependent on how many ideas you wish to explore. To master how to write a body paragraph for a problem solution essay, you must know how to develop a topic sentence. It is the first sentence in a paragraph. It should briefly give the main idea discussed in the paragraph. A topic sentence should be well-written. For example, you may start with a rhetoric question that prompts the reader to think about a particular issue affecting them.

The Essay Paper Conclusion Paragraph

So you have written your thesis and introduction. Then, you complete a comprehensive discussion of your idea. The question at this point is should you now submit it? Your essay is not complete without the conclusion. Once you are done with all the other parts, you must write your problem solution essay conclusion.

Your conclusion for problem solution essay should summarize the key points discussed in the essay body. Similar to the introductory part, the end must appeal to your audience while re-emphasizing on the main idea in the paper.

Tips to Make your Essay Interesting

Use these problem solution essay writing tips to revamp your paper:

  • Add a fascinating detail to a dry subject. If your subject is naturally boring, it is your responsibility to make your essay more appealing and readable for your audience. Adding an amazing or shocking fact can have an immense impact on your essay.
  • Create your own problem solution essay prompts to help you develop your topic ideas.
  • Use simple language to make your writing more understandable. Using complicated words to make your writing appealing is a myth. It alienates your audience. If your reader finds numerous unfamiliar words in your paper, they are likely to lose interest in reading your essay.
  • Avoid being repetitive. Mix a variety of styles to structure your sentences to avoid making your paper dull.

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