Introduction to Othello Essay Writing

Date: September 10, 2018

Othello is a play written by William Shakespeare. It falls under the category of tragedy plays. This is whereby the stories end in disastrous circumstances. The story is based on Un Capitano Moro by Cinthio. The two main characters are Othello and Lago. Othello is a military general of Moorish origin serving in the Venetian army. Lago, on the other hand, is Othello’s untrustworthy ensign. The play is composed of five different acts each depicting a distinct theme.

To effectively write an Othello essay, you need to understand the various themes behind each act. Knowledge of each character, as well as their role and significance, is equally paramount. The major themes that arise in Othello essay questions are race, gender, jealousy, and manipulation.

Race becomes an issue in the play when Othello, a black general, serves in the Venetian army. This leads to various characters showing overt contempt and discrimination towards him. In fact, Desdemona’s father hates Othello on the presumption that he used his trickery to lure her. Venetian men also believe that interracial marriages between black men and white women contaminate the women.

Gender discrimination and prejudice are visible in the cultural setup of the play. The fathers view all unmarried girls as their property. What’s more, Venetian men perceive the women as promiscuous.

The view of women further leads to the phenomenon of jealousy. Within the play, three women are murdered by their partners due to suspicions of infidelity. It is also due to jealousy that Lago was able to convince Othello of Desdemona’s unfaithfulness easily. Moreover, Lago envies Othello. He is jealous of his position in the military as well as his marriage to Desdemona. In the end, he manages to destroy Othello’s relationship resulting in him murdering the wife then taking his own life.

Lago is portrayed as a master of manipulation. This is due to his patience and wit. He has a deep understanding of human psychology and can orchestrate manipulations using pre-meditated scenarios.

Writing the Othello Introduction Essay

While starting out your Othello introduction essay, you must give a summary of the entire play. Each act needs to be summarised with special emphasis on the theme and the characters involved. After that, you should give an overview of the topic you are going to discuss.

How to Write an Othello Jealousy Essay

When writing an Othello jealousy essay, you not only need to focus on the incidents that portray jealously but also the effects and significance of the phenomenon throughout the acts. Jealousy is considered the most prominent theme in this piece of literature. The play studies factors that can fuel jealousy through unsubstantiated evidence and how it can wreak havoc on lives. Likewise, jealousy in Othello essay papers should focus on highlighting the different forms in which jealousy manifests itself. It takes the form of professional rivalry and sexual suspicion. Jealousy proves destructive in all cases.

Important facts you need to consider are the language Shakespeare uses to describe jealousy within the acts, whether characters other than Othello exhibit jealousy and in what ways, whether the display of jealousy is unreasonable, and why sexual jealousy forms a big component of the play and no other forms of jealousy.

Major Challenges Students Face in Writing an Essay on Othello

Some students have poor reading skills. They find it difficult to concentrate whenever they try to read. Even when they concentrate, their minds cannot retain substantial information. In such a case, these students are not able to write a proper essay due to lack of content. They cannot analyse the information and make proper judgments on various themes and characters. Therefore, they need professionals to assist them to write their papers.

Other students are poor writers. Whenever they attempt to write anything, they end up with mediocre essays. Even when they have proper comprehension and reading skills, they are not able to articulate Othello essay topics in an eligible and comprehensible manner.

Another challenge is that some students perform family responsibilities during their free time. Such responsibilities can place a lot of pressure on these students, draining most of their energy and consuming the majority of the time that could have otherwise been used to read the play and write an awesome Othello essay introduction.

Steps to Follow When Writing a Good Othello Critical Essay

The first step is to thoroughly read the play to get a bigger picture of the major theme. While reading, it is important to note down all important characters as well as their actions and the situations they are involved in. This procedure will assist you to note the themes within the different acts.

You can then begin writing your Othello critical essay. In the introduction, enlighten the reader about the play through a summarised synopsis. Likewise, highlight the specific theme or themes you want to critique.

In the body section, give a deep analysis of your Othello essay prompts. You must demonstrate a clear correlation between the themes and the events that occur. Additionally, adding your individual views on how you perceive the plays can help the reader in improving their understanding.

Finally, you can conclude your essay by summing up all the themes and highlighting the dominant one. Also, you can include the lessons to be learned from the play.

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