How to Write a Speech

Date: February 22, 2014

Tips on How to Write a Good Speech

Wedding, debates, ceremonies at school and other special occasions are the events you may need to prepare an effective speech for delivering there. Your speech may be either long or short, but it must be perfectly tailored to be suitable for the situation. Our writers have offered several simple tips on how to write a speech.

1. Time

Understand the length of your speech. Write down the main points to cover in your speech, depending on the time you have. Divide your speech into minutes. For example, if you have 5 minutes, allocate 3 minutes of your time to the main points, and leave 2 minutes for the introduction and the conclusion, 1 minute per each.

2. Speech Writing Outline

Plan and rehearse your story. Conduct research on the topic. Find the most relevant content and put it all together so that the arguments are arranged logically, in accordance with your plan. Stick to the backbone of the subject. Don’t go beyond your topic. Use connecting words and phrases that show your thoughts to the audience.

3. Visual Aid

Prepare some visual materials (photos, documents, graphics, etc.) to demonstrate during your public speaking. It will make your speech vivid and impressive.

4. Sincerity

Figure out how to write a persuasive speech. Be sincere in your beliefs. You must believe in what you say to convince others. Every word in your speech should be well thought out and convey a message. If you doubt about the correct usage of the word, choose another one, simple and clear.

5. The Beginning and the End

Writing a speech conclusion and introduction is one of the toughest assignments. Here are some tips on how to write a conclusion for a speech:

  • Define the objective of your speech.
  • Build a strong call to action. Think what you want people to do once your talk is finished.
  • Summarize your words in a few sentences.
  • Make people show their emotions: laugh, tears, sympathy etc.

Some recommendations on how to write an introduction for a speech are as follows:

  • It is a good practice to being your speech with writing a body first. Once you are done with the main part of your essay, write an introduction, the most important message you want to convey to your readers or audience. It must be a hook sentence – exciting and fascinating.
  • Tell people about your subtopics, things you want to tell them during the speech.

You’ve got some simple tips on how to write a speech. Here is a short list of speech ideas that we know you will like:

  1. Are e-books better than traditional ones?
  2. Does TV teach children violence?
  3. All people must have health insurance.
  4. How does artificial intelligence help e-commerce businesses?
  5. Why is my school the best?
  6. Why should I become a school captain?
  7. How can Facebook help you study?
  8. Junk food should be banned.
  9. Students should wear uniforms.
  10. All personal inventions and ideas must be patented.

These are only examples of the topics. Larger lists are available over the Internet.

Types of Speech

There 4 main types of speech. Their names are determined by the purposes they have. See the table below:

Type Purpose Description
Informative To inform This type of speech delivers useful information to the audience. Usually, the speaker informs the audience about the things, objects, events, facts, etc. they don’t know yet.
Persuasive To persuade Persuasive speech is one that is aimed to influence the audience in a way that they agree with the speaker’s points of view and beliefs. Good examples of a persuasive speech are a debate speech or a school captain speech.
Entertaining To entertain The entertaining genre includes all kinds of excuses, after-dinner speeches, wedding speeches, etc. Typically, entertaining speech makes people cry, laugh, or show other strong feeling and emotions.Wedding soon? Here are some tips on How to write a speech for a wedding.
Demonstrative To demonstrate Demonstrative type is a kind of “How to” articles which demonstrate the audience or readers “how to do something”. It may be different guidelines, manuals, instructions, lessons and so on.

How Does a Speech Type Influence a Writing Style?

A writing style is defined as a manner of expressing your thoughts and conveying the information to the readers. The most important elements that determine one’s writing style are as follows:

  • grammar;
  • punctuation;
  • words choice;
  • sentence/paragraph structure.

One more element your writing style depends on is a type of essay you compose. Let’s figure out how a speech type may influence our style of writing. What are the main features of some speech types?

Writing an inspirational speech is characterized by the following features: motivational words, real-life stories, energetic and inspirational sentences, passionate and positive conclusions.

Writing a debate speech is characterized by the usage of affirmative sentences, credible information, coherent flow of thoughts, strong arguments that prove your stance.

A speech for public speaking has the following features that make it stand out from the other types of speeches: confidence, passionate and authentic expressions, natural voice, connection with the audience, storytelling.

So, as you see, each type of speech influences one’s manner of writing. Before getting started with your story, learn how to write a speech step by step. But keep in mind that it should sound natural and clear.

Writing Template: How to Write a School Captain Speech

What can help you write faster? A writing template. Here is an example of a speech writing template provided by our editors.

We hope this template will show you how to write a great persuasive speech for a school captain role.

  1. Introduce yourself. Tell a few words why you consider you may make a good school captain.
  2. Write about the qualities of a great leader. Add about your personal qualities that make you stand out from the rest. Focus on your leadership qualities.
  3. Write about your extracurricular activities: football, basketball, music, arts, volunteer work, etc.
  4. Write how you could improve your school.
  5. Write inspiring and motivational words to other students. Think of some call to actions.
  6. Add some creativity to your speech. Use a famous quote or a plan of your school improvements to expand your ideas.

It is a short template that may be used as the basis for any simple speech writing for primary school, secondary school, high school, or even college. If you need an extensive speech for public speaking, you may order it from our professional writers.

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