Narrative Essay: to tell or to teach?

Almost every college student knows what a narrative essay is all about. And if you ask them to define a narrative essay they will answer that a narrative essay is an essay which tells a story from person’s life and gives lessons to its readers. But only 2 out of 10 students know how to write a narrative worth reading. Today is your day if you came across this article, cause in this article, we will tell you a few secrets of writing a winning narrative essay.

How to Write a Good Narrative in 6 Steps

Narrative style writing quite differs from other writing styles. Composing such an essay you present your experience, while readers draw their own conclusions. So, you do not have to sum things up for your readers, but rather let them do it on their own. Good narrative writing requires you to follow 6 steps to get a perfect product

Step 1. Start with a catchy phrase

Step 2. Set the scene

Step 3. Determine the goal

Step 4. Use truthful details

Step 5. Write sequentially

Step 6. Restate your goal

Good narrative writing also requires you to include interesting facts and events written in an appealing way. Using dialogue in narrative writing is one, but not the only trick to creating a stick-out essay. Here are a few more useful tips for you to write a good narrative:

  • Use various grammar constructions
  • Use anecdotes in your essay
  • Use different connective words: thus, however, or for instance
  • Try your phrases and words to be lively and emotional
  • And finally, try to record yourself while composing the story for your story flow to be organized

Writing Narrative Prompts

Now you know 6 basic steps and some tips that will definitely help you create a great essay, but there are 3 more things you should take into account while writing.

1. Stick to the first-person narrative, since the writer is the one who experienced the events described in the essay.

2. Tend to purity. Try to avoid complex sentences and syntax. Clearly distribute main ideas throughout the text.

3. Use dynamic words to keep your reader interested. It’s also a good idea to use idioms and turns of phrase you usually use in your everyday speech. Adhere to active constructions, not passive ones.

Narrative Writing Structure

How to write narrative essay step by step? Narrative writing guideline tells us that for our essay to get the highest grade we should strictly adhere to a standard essay format: an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

How to write a good narrative introduction then?

The introductory, or opening, paragraph should reveal the essence of what you are going to describe as well as your point of view.

The body paragraphs tell the readers about the event itself that took place in the past and happened to you and describes your, author’s, reaction and feeling about that. There are two possible ways to write the story facts, and both of them are correct. The first way is to describe them sequentially or you can group them by the importance level. It’s up to you to decide which way to choose.

The concluding paragraph wraps up and states the point of the story, whether it is a lesson or a learning experience.

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