Expository Essay Topics: List of 20 Great Topics for Writing Expository Essay

Date: January 31, 2014

Here is a list of 20 great expository essay topics to write your essay on. If you are assigned to write an essay on another topic, feel free to contact our writers and order a custom-written essay.

What Is Expository Writing?

Expository essays are written to describe, explain, compare or analyze a given object of the phenomenon. One should remember that expository writing can be done in various essay forms: compare and contrast, description, and reason-consequence.

20 BEST Topics for Writing an Expository Essay


  1. Explain the symbolism behind the Australian Flag.
  2. State top 10 events that shaped Australia.
  3. Consequences of Australian colonization.
  4.  Describe events of the Myall Creek Massacre (1838) and their consequences.

Political Issues

  1. Describe the composition of the Australian Parliament.
  2. Compare and contrast functions of the British vs. Australian Parliaments.
  3. Explain the processes associated with recognizing aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples in Australia’s Constitution.


  1. Describe Australian education system.
  2. What are top 5 issues in Australian system of higher education?

Natural Phenomena

  1. Explain the nature of Min Min lights.
  2. State the main reasons of scarce vegetation in Australia
  3. Explain why forest fires are so dangerous in Australia.

Medical care

  1. Try to analyze the reason why there is a growing gap between male and female nurses.
  2. Describe and explain top 5 issues in Australia’s healthcare system.


  1. Explain in what ways is Sydney Opera House a unique place.
  2. Describe Australian architectural trends and styles.
  3. What were the most significant influences onto Australian architectural styles? Why?

Environmental Issues

  1. Explain why bushfire of 2009 has been termed ‘Australia’s worst-ever bushfire disaster’.
  2. Why is Australia one of the best place for whale watching?
  3. Explain the high number of shark attacks in Australia. Use data from Australian Shark Attack File.

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