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Date: September 6, 2018

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When it comes to writing essays, one vital step most students miss is taking time to decode the question. Understanding the question posed is the very first step in writing a good essay. Why? For starters, if you don’t get the question, you will probably be unable to answer it correctly or relevantly. Secondly, studying the question enables you to decipher the topic you are required to write on.  Third and of extreme importance, it helps you understand the directive word which forms the basis of your entire essay. That said, what is the directive words critically discuss meaning?

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Essay questions come with a variety of directive words: compare, analyze, demonstrate, comment upon, define, examine, contrast and today’s topic critically discuss. Alternativeirective words to the latter include critically evaluate or critically analyze. Art such as paintings, books, and films are the most popular materials from which essay questions are drawn. So, exactly what does critically discuss mean?

Contrary to popular belief, a critically discuss paper does not require you to critique the given theme or topic.  It simply means you need to evaluate your topic, meticulously analyze and interpret it and then present a rigorous argument and explanation.  It needs to be balanced in the sense that it showcases both negative and favorable aspects of the given theme or topic. The pros and cons, as well as the strengths and weaknesses all, have to be depicted.

The Proper Structure for a Critically Discuss Essay

Now that you can define critically discuss essays, the next step is learning how they are structured. When it comes to structure, critically discuss article follow the structure of any piece of academic writing with but a few exceptions.  The structure of these types of essays can be divided into three.  The central claim is the first part of any critically discuss the paper. It is featured as the thesis statement in the introduction and is supposed to be about how a particular idea or ideas are conveyed in the book, painting, film or any other subject matter.  You can or rather; it is recommended you introduce counterarguments to your central claim in your essay.  The provision of evidence that disputes these counterarguments works to bolster whatever argument your main or central claim is making.

The second part of the essay is the evidence featured in the body of the essay, provided that this is very vital for any piece of academic writing. Whatever evidence you use in your body should be drawn from the primary source which is the book, film or piece of art serving as your subject matter. You can use dialogues from a text, imagery, and descriptions to merely highlight.  To further support your argument, you can use evidence from other scholarly publications and works which will serve as your secondary sources.

The third and final part is the conclusion. Your conclusion is supposed to summarize the arguments you made in the essay as well as your central claim.  It also needs to emphasize derived insights, be catchy and provoke certain thoughts or feelings.

At this point, you have mastered the critically discuss definition and the structure of a critical essay.  Let’s now move on to the writing itself.

Tips on How to Critically Discuss Essays

The first step in learning how to critically discuss an essay on any given theme or topic is to decipher the topic.  Read the question severally, break it down, decode it and then analyze it. This will help you answer the essay question relevant as well as help you come up with an outstanding title for your piece.  Next comes the planning which you can do by writing an outline. Get down to the research bit next. Dig deep when doing your data mining.  When you do thorough research, you have a better understanding of the concept as well as more content.  Critical essays need to be fleshy and weighty which can only be achieved if you do thorough research.  Avoid summarizing thoughts or ideas you are trying to portray.

After doing the three above steps, you can use the above structure to develop whatever arguments you had in mind.  After the argument, introduce your counterarguments but do so in a systematic manner so that the paper has a natural flow. Introduce evidence from both primary and secondary sources although the latter is optional. The last step in the writing bit of learning how to critically discuss in an essay is coming up with a stunning conclusion. Now go through your work to ensure your piece looks professional and has been written in an academic writing style. You especially need to be on the lookout for referencing styles and format.

What Tutors Look for in Critically Discuss Essay Writing

The main point of a critical essay is to test your comprehension of the themes portrayed in your given subject matter. Instead of merely presenting say a book’s content in the raw form, you are required to deeply analyze its themes. In writing an essay, especially the critical essay, there are several things your instructor will be looking for.  These include:

  • How well have you answered the question? You are required to answer correctly.
  • Prove you have clearly understood the question. This can be done by ensuring you stick to the topic and the arguments you present are relevant.
  • Show you have vast knowledge on the subject. You can do so by familiarizing yourself with the subject of the essay and thorough research.
  • Adequate evidence evaluation. Your essay needs to have enough evidence to support your main
  • Your essay needs to be organized and very well structured.
  • The paper has to have a formal, professional and academic touch to it in terms of styles and wordings.

Additional Tips That Will Impress Your Tutor

Aside from the above-listed points  if you want to impress your instructor, ensure that you do these things when writing a critically discuss essay. Make sure your arguments you make in your paper are clear and straight to the point. Your piece should use formal language and should be void of colloquial phrases.  You should have vocabularies here and there but don’t over complicate it because the essay needs to be pleasant to read. Before submitting the essay, proofread it to eliminate grammar mistakes such as improper capitalization, and spelling mistakes.

Writing essays can be quite tasking. That is why it is of extreme importance that you clearly comprehend your essay question and consequently its directive words. In this particular case, we understand the directive word critically discuss can be challenging no doubt. However, with the above guide, mastering the art of writing these types of essays is within your reach.

All it takes is practice, thorough research, subject knowledge and keeping in mind the above tips.  If even after reading this, you are still unable to come up with your own critical essay or you are bombarded with assignments, projects and your personal life, worry not because we have got you covered. Contact us today for proven essay writing services and essays that are custom written, plagiarism free, and professional. Don’t hesitate. Call us now!

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