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Date: February 12, 2018

What Is a Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay is an essay that is used to study the differences and/or the similarities of two peculiar subjects.

How to Format a Compare and Contrast Essay

With a clear knowledge what a compare and contrast essay is, it is time to find out how to format such papers. There are two compare and contrast essay format types.

The first compare and contrast essay type:

Introduction. It includes general phrases and quotations that will incrementally lead to the main idea of the writing a definite compare and contrast essay.

First topic. This part examines the entire scope of the first topic features, it’s characteristics, facts, and figures. You do not need to cover the second subject here.

Second topic. Write a detailed discussion about the second topic, analyzing its advantages and disadvantages, and making the general evaluation.

Both topics together. Here you need to give a breakdown on the both topics, comparing and contrasting each other. You can expand the discussion to the several paragraphs, depending on how much comparison and contrast you want to make.

Conclusion. This part of the essay should simplify the thesis statement, show the results of the entire compare and contrast research and your proficiency in the researched topic. In addition, you need to restate your introduction thesis statement as proving that you managed to convince the readers in the main essay claim.

The second compare and contrast essay format type:

Introduction. Just like the first format option, the introduction for your compare and contrast essay should hold within it a quotation, an anecdote, and a generalization; all of these things should lead into your thesis statement that you take on for the essay.

Compare both topic one and topic two. In this format, you need to make sure this section is made up of several paragraphs. You need to go through every similarity that you have to show for each of the topics that you are presenting within your essay. You should give three comparisons… within each of the comparisons should give an example from each topic that you have, making sure you have comparisons for each one.

Contrast both topic one and topic two. Just like the comparisons section, the contrast section should be made up of several paragraphs. Within these paragraphs, you need to go through the differences of the two topics that you have for your essay. With this as well, you need to show three contrasts and give examples for each topic that you are covering in your essay.

Conclusion. Just as in the other format, the conclusion of this essay format is bringing a close to everything that you have provided within your essay. Restate your thesis statement here, again making sure you reword it… you want to come across as being confident in the conclusion. You should show here that you have proven what you’ve stated in your introduction paragraph within your essay.

Venn Diagram

It’s very important that you are doing everything you can to make the compare and contrast essay that you are writing the best essay that you can. One way that you can help make sure that it’s a great essay is to follow the Venn diagram.

The Venn diagram is one that shows two circles that overlap each other. It’s a great representation of how your compare and contrast essay should be structured. In one circle you would have one topic, and you will have the other topic shown in the other circle. Where the circles are separate you will want to show where the topics are different from each other. Where the two circles overlap and have space that is shared you will show where the two topics are similar to each other.

The Venn diagram is a great visual aid to what your compare and contrast essay should be. You should make sure that within you essay you are showing the two topics and how they are similar to each other and how they are different from each other.

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