Example Argumentative Essay Outline: How to Research and Write

Date: April 20, 2016

In college, there are many essays that a student is required to write. One of them is the argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is a genre of writing where the student is expected to investigate a certain topic, collect and evaluate evidence after which they should establish their position in a concise manner. To write a great and moving argumentative essay you need to conduct thorough research of literature. Conducting detailed research will allow the student to learn as much as they can about the topic. This might be hectic for the students and they might opt to buy argumentative essay. Through the research they get to understand the different point of views regarding the given topic. Having done this they are in a position to choose a position and support it with evidence collected. To get a convincing essay one can consider hiring essay writing service.

The common argumentative essay outline is known as a five paragraph essay. The essay will consist of:

An introductory paragraph

Three evidentiary body paragraphs

A conclusion

This is basically the outline of the essay. Each of the sections will require some very important elements.

Introductory Paragraph

This is the paragraph in which you lay down the foundation of your argument. In this paragraph there is the hook, the background information and the thesis statement.

The hook is the first sentence and it is meant to grab the attention of the reader. The next section of the introduction should be dedicated to giving information about the background information on the topic. You can first decide to define the key terms of the argument. Some questions that you could ask yourself to get the context include; what is the issue at hand? Why is it important? Who cares? The next section in the introductory paragraph is the thesis. Thesis is a general statement about the main idea. The thesis statement should establish a clear position that you will later support. A thesis statement should be concise and specific. It should not provide too much information. It should match the requirements of the assignment at hand. It should be easily recognizable and should be supported by data and good reasoning.

Evidentiary Body Paragraphs

This section a can further is divided into two parts. The two parts are Paragraphs that develop your argument and a paragraph that refutes the opponent’s arguments.

Paragraphs containing your argument

This is the section where you introduce your claims and each of the claims has to be backed by evidence. You must be in a position to develop your claim in a thorough manner as possible. A claim is a statement that is made in order to support your argument. You can have two paragraphs in this section. Each paragraph should explore a distinct idea that will support your thesis. For each claim made, the student should be in a position to provide supporting evidence. The evidence given has to be factual and it must be from reliable sources. To get accurate evidence you can order argumentative essay. It should not be personal knowledge. For each claim try as much as possible to give at least three pieces of claims. There are some claims that might not have that number of evidence, so it is not limited to three pieces of evidence the number does not matter. To make the claim believable you need to use as much evidence as you can.

Refuting opponents’ arguments

This is the section that comes just after you have given enough evidence to support the claims. So as to present a convincing as fair message you must anticipate, and research as well as outline some of the common arguments that will dispute the student’s thesis. It is important to consider the other positions for those reading your essay yet they have not decided which side of the argument they should support. It is wise to get organized before you can write this paragraph. You can forecast all the information and then address each of the points as you proceed. When you refute an opposing position it is wise to organize it in three parts. The opponents’ argument – at the beginning of the paragraph you just state the main point that you wish to refute as accurately and fairly as possible.

1. The opponents’ argument – at the beginning of the paragraph you just state the main point that you wish to refute as accurately and fairly as possible.

2. The students’ position – you must make clear the nature of your disagreements with the position you are refuting.

3. The refutation – the nature of your disagreement will dictate the specifics of your counter argument.


This part of the essay wraps up all what you have been discussing. This is the part of the essay that will leave the most immediate impression on the reader. For these reason it has to be effective and logical. The conclusion should begin by generally stating the main points of your argument and state why it is important. You must restate your thesis. You address the opposing viewpoints and explain why readers should align with your position. After this paragraph you are finished and you must not bring in any new points. You might want to add in a discussion encouraging more research. When writing, remember that simplicity is the best option for a clear and convincing message.

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