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Our writers are the core of our company. They are our brains and hands who take care of every day academic challenges and cope with them at various levels of complexity. To be able to deal with such academic tasks on a day-to-day basis, a team of dedicated professionals is needed; this is exactly what we are looking for when reviewing new applications: not only the applicant needs to be well-qualified, have a respective background and a degree, but he/she must be also committed to everyday high-quality work. Without it, no writing professional will be able to make a career with our company. As the result of such writer selection, only the most experienced and dedicated professionals thrive at the company. In turn, by having the most professional writers as a part of our staff, we are able to maintain the highest quality of writing. Each project is being handled with special care and is duly worked on.

All writers without exception know that communication with the customer is essential to the overall project success. Only in the process of communication can both parties exchange information that is critical in getting the project done according to the original instructions. In turn, we as a company, facilitate every possibility of customer-staff-writer communication to ensure a win-win-win situation. Every customer has access to the so-called ‘customized control panel’ that allows him or her to control and direct the writing process. The control panel allows the customer to communicate with the writer and staff whenever such need arises. We encourage our essay writers to stay signed into their respective panels to be able to respond to customers’ queries as soon as a question is sent. In case the situation gets urgent, the customer can use the same control panel to contact staff and they will follow up with a phone call to make sure all customers’ queries are handled ASAP. We believe that such mode of operation is critical to the overall project success and it explains why over 75% of customers come back to us again and again.

While selecting writers we are giving preference to those professionals who are experienced in Marketing, Management, Engineering, Law and IT; these appear to be the most demanded backgrounds in the writing industry. Besides applicants majoring in the above-mentioned disciplines, we are also interested in specialists of other backgrounds because we need to handle all kinds of assignments. Such assignments might not come in very frequently; however, we need to have an appropriate writer for any situation, and we do. Currently, there are over 17000 registered writers in our database, and this number continues to grow. So, whenever you come up with an assignment that you want to be done, rest assured – we have the resources required to complete it per your requirements.


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