Students are asked to ensure their college essay stands out. For many, that just adds to the pressure because this request seems so vague. If you want to know what makes your college essay special, you have to understand what makes you unique.

Every person on this planet experiences life differently. Not one person will experience something the same as you. Your perspective is unique to you. If you need to write a college essay, be brave and write it using personal experiences.

We have all heard the phrase “colorful language”. Use your own voice to connect with your reader and highlight what makes you, you. If you don’t, your college essay may fail. Colorful language is descriptive and informative. Create the habit of using rich and powerful words that allow you to write expressively.

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This is the key to writing a great essay, whether it is a college essay, a reflective essay, and even a persuasive essay. The key to making it a success lies with you: it all depends on how open you are, how expressive you can be and how well you structure the opening statement in your introduction and finally how you make this unfold in your body paragraphs.

Your closing statement or conclusion should finish your college essay by using strong keywords and closing sentences. We all know how important your whole essay is but your conclusion is like the icing on the cake.

If you are still wondering about this whole college essay process what may help is to ask older students how they went about it, what worked and what didn’t. What better way to learn than by somebody else’s mistakes? Never be afraid to ask people for information on essay writing, believe me, they will only be too happy to share some vital insights with you. Make a list or better still a checklist of all the information you will gather on the college essay process

Interviewing older students can also be an opportunity for brainstorming, as this is also another very important part of essay writing. These older students can quickly become reliable allies and valuable mentors as you pick your way around the maze of the purpose of college essay writing. As much ground work, you can do to prepare to write a college essay the better because this work becomes the body of your essay. When you are fully prepared it tells in your essay. This is what is called the research and development stage. Many people fail to use this time wisely. Discovering a rich source of information and material will enable you to apply and demonstrate your ability to writing a smashing college essay.

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