What Is a Business Essay?

Business essay is a term collectively applied to essays from various disciplines that generally fall into the ‘business studies’ group. Other than that, there is no such term as ‘business essay’. In contrast, you would be typically asked to ‘to solve a problem’ or ‘to improve performance’, i.e. you would be asked specific, solution-oriented questions that have a clear practical application. This category of assignments, however, is conceptually closer to ‘problem solving’ and ‘case study’ types of papers. For example, a marketing and/or management paper would be also referred to as a ‘business essay’ because of its direct relation to business.

Functions of Business Essay

Business essay writing pursues the same objectives as regular essay writing and some of them are:

• Practice managing your time effectively
• Further develop writing skills
• Practice writing skills and critical thinking
• Learn to convince other people
• Learn to apply knowledge and skills from classes

What It Takes to Write a Good Business Essay

When it comes to writing a good business essay, there really no special secret – all it takes is thorough preparation, planning and careful composition with a meticulous follow up. The entire writing process is often described as prewriting -> writing -> post-writing phases. For those of you who are unfamiliar with these stages, here is their basic breakdown:


Pre-writing is all about preparation and planning. Before you actually start writing something, you need to think what you are going to write about, how you are going to structure your business essay, what materials and data you are going to use in the paper, how you are going to answer the question etc. All these ideas will need to be put to paper to give an essay its basic structure. It doesn’t have to be neat and tidy at this stage – the purpose of this phase is to plan and to retain all the important ideas. Pre-writing doesn’t like to be rushed, all ideas need to be properly structured and well thought out.


Following the pre-writing stage is the writing one. Once you are ready with your thoughts (or have a rough draft), you should put them to paper. The essay writing process prescribes that an essay should take a fairly rigid structure and consist of an introduction, two-three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction should present the main idea to the reader, body paragraphs break up the ‘big idea’ into smaller ones and dwell on each of them in detail, while the conclusion sums up the entire essay. When writing your first draft we recommend that you pay attention to all details like spelling, grammar, punctuation etc. Even though you will give your business essay several editing touches in the post-writing phase, it might get difficult for you to spot them immediately. If your essay needs referencing, you can use our APA citation machine that will do the formatting for you automatically!


The point of doing the post-writing phase lies in proofreading and finalizing the essay. The critical nuance to this stage is that the essay should be put aside for a while (at least for a day or too). Thoughts tend to set it over that period of time, and after a few days, you might decide to reshape your essay a little. Together with giving your essay these few final touches, you should also proofread and spellcheck your paper. Once your business essay passes the scrutiny of the post-writing phase, it is ready for submission.

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