Personal Essay: Key Stages to Writing a Paper for College Students

What Is a Personal Essay? A personal (experience) essay is a kind of an essay that gives an account of your personal experience(s). For example, ‘how I spent my summer’ would be a personal essay as it tells the reader a story of your experience during the summer period. Function of Personal Experience Essay PersonalRead More

Scholarship Essay

What Is a Scholarship Essay? Scholarship essay is a type of essay that helps students get extra funding to cover their tuition fees. Scholarships can be need based or merit based, and whatever the case it is called to ease up the financial strain associated with your prospective studies. In order to receive a scholarship,Read More

Essay Structure

Essay Structure This article will explain and present How to Write an Essay. The basic essay, written in high school or college has a standard, five-paragraph structure. It is important to get familiar and to learn to work with this formula since inspiration alone is not necessarily the key to efficient five-paragraph essay writing. IfRead More

Critical Essay: Strategies for Successful Critical Essay Writing

What is a Critical Essay? A critical essay is an informative analysis or critique of another work, usually art related. Some examples of typical subjects for critical essays include literature, screenplays, films, paintings or sculptures. The critical analysis essay is more than a simple summary of the features or characteristics of the work or yourRead More

Comparison Essay

What is a comparative essay? That is an essay that will ask you to compare and contrast two things or two items. You should note that while making a comparison, this is not limited to only two things; you could be comparing more than two things at a time. By comparison, this could either meanRead More

Classification Essay: Essential Steps to Writing a Perfect Paper

Writing a Division and Classification Essay Of the different styles of formal writing, the division and classification essay requires the sorting and grouping of specific items or ideas into various categories based on the information or characteristics provided. The well written classification essay should provide a thorough and meaningful message about how these different categoriesRead More

Essay Topics: Successful Strategies for Picking a Topic for Your Essay

Picking Your Essay Topic To pick your essay topic, first, consider what type of writing you are doing, and explore what will make it effective. For example, your diary has different purpose and audience than an essay, just as a research proposal has different purpose and audience than a white paper. The better you understandRead More

How to Write a Literature Review?

The main goals of a literature review are to survey the literature, to synthesize the information, to analyze it critically and present it in an organized way. A literature review, defined as an account of different scholarly sources, is written to demonstrate person’s knowledge about a certain field of study. It indicates what has beenRead More