As an honest company, we feel obligated to warn you about deceptive “term paper” and “essay” Web sites. There are countless foreign websites that have infested the Internet.

For a complete list of fraudulent websites, please visit our highly respected website of Student Network Resources. Text on this page contains only fragments of their descriptive consumer warning. We, however, added some paragraphs for those of you who have been a victim of fraudsters, to help you recover the losses.

Below, we explain how to identify foreign companies that provide low-quality material, and reveal many of the tricks (including ridiculously low prices) that foreign sites use to attract unsuspecting customers.

Consumer Alert: During the last 6 years, the American research industry has become infested with low-quality, fraudulent, foreign companies seeking to make a quick dollar by deceiving unsuspecting customers in the United States. These bogus Web sites from Pakistan, Romania, Ukraine, and the Philippines use their suspiciously low prices and false promises to lure American students into their traps. You should never have to worry about receiving a low-quality, improperly-formatted, outdated, recycled, plagiarized paper with countless errors in spelling and grammar. In contrast, our professional, AMERICAN writers produce new papers on an individual basis, so our research materials are unique, original, technically precise, and up-to-date. The information below explains why you MUST AVOID all foreign sites, subscription sites, membership sites, free sites, and database sites.

Many of these foreign outfits have read this warning page, and now falsely claim to be “American” and/or employ “only American writers with master or doctoral degrees.” Do not believe their obvious lies! No professional writer in the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom would work on an MBA-level project for less than $12.00 per page in compensation, yet most of these foreign sites charge CUSTOMERS as little as $6.95-$9.95 per page. That means their writers are getting paid only $0.75-$3.00 per page! Obviously, these amateurs, English-as-a-Second-Language writers are located in very poor countries where the American dollar has much greater value (Pakistan, India, Philippines, Nigeria, Romania, etc.).

It can be very difficult for customers to find honest companies amongst the hundreds of foreign and low-quality “essay” and “term paper” sites. Many services are operated by amateur teenagers out of their bedrooms, or unskilled laborers in countries such as Romania, Pakistan, Ukraine, and India. Of course, the owners of these sites CLAIM that they operate “an American business” and/or that their writers are “English speakers with master and doctoral degrees.” That is a blatant lie. The owners of foreign, copycat sites steal our ideas and claim to provide quality services. Don’t be fooled by their deception and completely bogus credentials. Anyone can create a “pretty” Web site and fill it with lies, empty promises, fake awards, and deceptive advertising techniques. You should be suspicious and hesitate to do business with sites that include or claim ANY of the following:

AVOID any site that contains only a FAX number, especially the ones beginning with “775”.

(775-242-6880, 775-599-4716, etc.; notoriously fraudulent Pakistani website own dozens of different sites and dozens of different FAX numbers that begin with the digits “775.”. Moreover, it is easy to open a fax account with Anyone in the world can have a fax number for as low as $20.00 per month.)

Suspiciously low prices
(Obvious sign of a foreign company! No professional writer will work for a dollar per page, please see the explanation why in the above part.)

Poor-quality design with a lack of content, no live support or phone numbers.
(These websites are operated by teenagers without any idea of business or even creative thinking. Obviously, these kids do not spend a penny on professional programming and web-design. There is no way they will guarantee their business operable next month, thus no one will guarantee you a refund if your paper fails or proven plagiarized.)

How to recover losses: If you have been a victim of such a website, received a plagiarized document, or missed your deadline and failed class, here is what you need to do. First of all, you need to call your bank and file a chargeback. Funds will be easily refunded, you just need to explain that the seller failed to deliver goods as promised. The materials you ordered were stolen. That will easily convince your bank to file charges against a dishonest seller. In this case, the website owner will be notified of chargeback. Chargebacks are painful to sellers, their merchant account can be closed because of multiple cases of chargeback, and it is easier for the seller to send you a full refund. Of course, none will refund you your failed class or admission, so getting your money back is the least you can do. If you sent your payment over the Western Union, you need to contact Western Union\’s Anti-Fraud Department.

The information above is provided as a courtesy of Student Network Resources.

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