Your control panel is a powerful tool allowing you to keep track of everything that is going on with all your orders. We believe your customized control panel contains all the features you need for effective control over the writing process. Let’s explain it in greater details.


Once you have placed an order, an email will be sent to you containing your login and your password to the control panel. You will be able to change your password for greater security and convenience.

Once you're logged into your control panel you'll be able to see a table that lists all your orders. Here is what the list looks like:

Order list on the personal dashboard

The upper section will show you an overview of your account, including your region, account balance, total amounts of the orders made, and your discount level.

The table right below has several columns that contain important information regarding your order. The date the order was placed will be listed under the "Date" column. The "Deadline" column shows the deadline for the orders in progress, and only with late orders displayed in red. The paper's progress is shown under the "Progress" column. You can find the writer's ID in the "Writer" column where you have the option to sort your orders by ID.  

If you have more than 8 orders they will be organized into separate pages so make sure to click through them all.

When you click on your order you'll be taken to a page where you'll be able to upload additional instructions or directly communicate with the writer or staff.

Attach a file with instructions

You can also contact the writer or a member of our staff by clicking on "One Touch Support Request", which is located beneath your orders table.