Scholarship Essay

What Is a Scholarship Essay?

Scholarship essay is a type of essay that helps students get extra funding to cover their tuition fees. Scholarships can be need based or merit based, and whatever the case it is called to ease up the financial strain associated with your prospective studies. In order to receive a scholarship, you will need to persuade the committee that you are worth it, that you really deserve it and that you are better than other applicants. This is normally done via a scholarship essay – very rarely do prospective students receive scholarships simply based on their academic record or recommendations.

Why Are Scholarship Essays Important?

College scholarship essay competitions actually serve to level out players from different backgrounds and accomplishment levels. Therefore 99% of all scholarship awarding institutions will require applicants to submit a well thought-out and substantially written essay.

How to Write a Scholarship Essay?

Experts in the field of writing scholarship essays are unanimous in saying several criteria that are important for successful essay writing:

In your scholarship essay, you will need to keep a balance of telling the committee about yourself and showing your experience. The task is not to oversell yourself while showing a variety of your personal, social and academic interests. Good GPA would be a good starting point; however, your extracurricular activities, like active social work and participation in sports/art teams of your high school will increase the odds for a congratulations letter from the scholarship committee.

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