Our Staff

Our staff is the heart that keeps the company going. Currently, the team consists of about 30 people (including agents from local branches) who take care of everyday tasks like order & payment processing, order screening, liaison with customers and writers, customer support, server administration, and programming. Most of our employees have joined the company shortly after foundation and keep working in the company today. The team is extremely versatile, yet committed to providing 100% customer service. 

Customer support is an ongoing process that requires the willingness to help and serve, to leave no customer unhappy and to undertake all effort to address customers’ needs. Whenever a question is asked, a phone inquiry is being made or a chat session is started, rest assured – the inquiry is being handled by professionals. Our customer support team works 24/7 to address all issues effectively and as quickly as possible. 

Ordering your assignment is just the first step. If you have any questions or inquiries in regards to the details of the process, feel free to contact any of the available representatives and they will help you. After an order has been made, we take care of the rest. At this stage, your order has to undergo analysis to determine whether assignment instructions are complete and see if there are any important bits missing. This stage of order processing is very important because even the slightest detail can make the paper take a wrong direction. Therefore initial order screening is done by our staff to make sure the information is adequate and sufficient. The next step is selecting a writing professional who can handle the job. Although our system does provide some helpful information in regards to the writer’s background and work history, the final decision is taken by a staff member. This step is meant to ensure uncompromised paper quality and ensure the customer gets a paper he/she wants. Next, the writing routine begins. You, as the customer, are expected to communicate with your writer and staff, and let them know immediately when you think some additional action is needed. If such a need arises, please alert our staff immediately and they will take care of the situation for you. Once the paper has been completed, it is emailed to the customer. This is the final step when the customer gets a completed paper for review, and customer support doesn’t really end here. In case the customer opts to send in a revision request, our customer support team will be here to help.

As you can see, customer support is an ongoing process and doesn’t really end when the final paper is sent to the customer. We are ready to help even beyond the point of completion; we are with you whenever you need us!


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