Our Servers

 Our essay writing service pays particular attention to safety and security of the customers’ data. 

Having the professionals experienced in IT security and data safety in our staff, we have been using dedicated servers since 2005. To gain professional strength in the data safety we’ve invested much in information security. Today we own 26 physical servers in four data centers in three different countries. All of them are utilized to run websites that we operate, including www.ozessay.com.au

 Be sure that our staff and developers don’t have access to customer-sensitive data, such as addresses and credit card information. This information is kept in a separate database with write-only access. It guarantees no hacking attacks and that no personal information will be recovered or disclosed.   

 How do we treat the customers’ privacy and comfort?

Servers are located in a locked cabinet and are accessible only for an authorized company technician via an IRIS-scanner and a datacenter-issued badge.

 We live here in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States and can visit our datacenter in person, – unlike other companies and/or websites, who claim to be conducting business from the United States but are in fact located elsewhere.

Our website works extremely fast. Not only it loads quickly, but it also responds quickly as well, especially when it comes to using the control panel, downloading and uploading files.

We choose only reliable and cutting-edge hardware made out of high-quality components to run our servers.

Our service is constantly improving its data safety policy for our customers not to worry about their personal information. Following the latest news in the sphere of secure technologies, we hold ourselves ready to integrate the best of them into our data safety system. 


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