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Updated: Sep 28, 2016

Customer safety is impossible without strict security guidelines. Our experience can guarantee confidentiality of personal information of our customers.


The client's safety is impracticable devoid of strict rules. Our familiarity assures our customers' privacy of personal information. Our company boasts of skilled technical staff with over a century of combined knowledge in the Information Technology sector, including server management and data security.

Phoenix Office


From the start, we had an emphasis on speed, reliability, and uptime and since the year 2005, all our records are being hosted by dedicated servers. Reflecting back in those days when other companies were storing their data in joint hosting services, sharing their information with other industry players. Since our conception our company has been spending substantial amounts in information and data and after 7 years of business, the company possesses 26 physical servers in four information centers in three different nations. is one of the different websites run by all these servers.


In fact, is hosted on a redundant setup in five different servers, located in a well-secured building in Phoenix, Arizona and guarded by committed company firewall. Our company means business when we proclaim that the clients' data safeguarding is the top priority of what we do best. Neither our staff nor the web developers have access to the client information including their addresses and credit card information. Such data is safeguarded and stored on a server that permits write-only operations.


In plain English, nobody has the ability to get hold of such records from our servers. It implies that even in a case where our website gets hacked the person will see only the so-called "service information" like message note but will not access any other information, access to that data is practically unfeasible.


We have kept all our servers in a safe room with restricted access, only approved technicians can access the room after an IRIS-scan and data-center badge presentation.


Since our inception customer confidentiality has been our main concern and this why we have resolved to take an extra mile towards raising our data security standards. Although being a pricey technology we believe it is best for business. Talking about the cost of such security standards it is just the same as hiring a dedicated server. Consequently we are proffering the most secure security level for your data, and still provide the same pricing of our services like other companies.


Phoenix NapWe can visit our data center any time we need to because we are physically located in the United States as opposed to other companies who proclaim to be based in the United States while in reality they are based somewhere else. Without being able to physically access their servers the best they can do is to rent a server whose IP address is in one of the American states.


Bear in mind that you cannot be sure pertaining to your data security if the server is located in a place where third parties can access it. The two most common paradigms are installing a "sniffer" server that is normally placed in a local network to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic. A different alternative is a technician depositing data from a hard drive, asserting it was in a failed state. 


There are numerous ways to access data that is not adequately safeguarded, thus prior to accessing sensitive information ensure that it is properly protected.


Our company has used substantial amounts of time upgrading the data transfer algorithm, our codes security and much more. Therefore our website loads so fast. You should also remember that all essential stuff such as messaging, response time and file transfer at our website are exceptionally short, - all which we pride ourselves on.

Celebrating 10 Years in Business! We offer:

  • PhD-level professionals
  • On-time delivery guarantee
  • Automatic plagiarism check
  • 100% authentic or your money back
  • Customer information remains strictly confidential