Our History: OZessay – Writing Service That Has Stood the Test of Time

We started out as a small company founded back in 2005, and from the very beginning aimed at providing top-notch level writing services. Initially, the company was founded as a US business entity and has branched out within just a few years of its foundation. We are now an international company that has its branches all over the world, including the Commonwealth of Australia, Great Britain, and the United States. The service is now enjoying tremendous popularity in the Australian market and continues to grow. We believe that the overall success of this venture is based on the following pillars:

Unparalleled Customer Support. From day one of its foundation the company has been making an emphasis on providing first rate customer service; all customer representatives are being trained to treat customers request as a matter of top priority. As a result, customer support goes even beyond the point when the product is uploaded and sent to the customer. For our customers’ convenience, we have many channels of communication including phone, email, live chat, internal messaging system and Skype.  All of them have been implemented to enhance customers’ experience and make our cooperation most fruitful and even enjoyable.

Customer Protection. We have been investing considerable resources into our hardware and hosting. Back when similar companies were renting some space on third-party servers, we were using our own dedicated servers that were being hosted in high-security data centers. Currently, all our service information is stored securely on a cluster of servers in high-security data centers, which eliminates unauthorized access to any third party. Only an authorized technician can enter the premise after passing and IRIS scan test and present a datacentre-issued badge. We realize that your privacy is the foundation of your business and will spare no effort to protect it.

Top-Notch Writers. Writer selection is a constant and on-going process. Every day we are receiving dozens of applications and respond only to those of them who have the most convincing applications backed up with skills and proper qualification. While selecting a writer to work for you, we are not only looking at his/her background but are also evaluating the writing skills and the dedication to the writing process. A person working for you must be passionate about writing and have the knack for research; further, your writer must be able to work under tight deadlines and should adhere to assignment instructions. We currently have a database of over 17000 applications with over 700 writers who are actively working for us.


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