Speech writing takes a bit of time and effort but if you want to learn how to communicate effectively one tip is to watch the pros. In this article, we will give you some awesome ideas of not only how to write a speech but who, in our expert opinion, is one of the best speakers of all time.

Barack Obama has been called one of the most charismatic and influential speakers of this generation. Watch his speeches and make two lists.

How to Write a Best Man Speech

This speech made Barack Obama President:

The lists should look something like this:

Speech Writing Analysis 

What I like about Barack’s speechWhat I don’t like about Barack’s speech
CompassionToo long
InspirationalToo political
Understood the topicVery biased

Writing a speech takes research. You have to be analytical and study the topic so you can deliver a convincing speech. Politicians have teams of speechwriters and researchers whose job it is to gather as many of the facts and statistics as possible and then write a very competent and informative speech.  

Their aim is to get the audience to hang on every word they say so they can motivate people to take a form of action e.g. vote for them, agree with their policy decisions and in most cases even like them! This is exactly the same approach you should take – think about what form of action you want your audience to take.  

The traditional approach to how to write a speech was to simply research a topic, write down or design a few power points and then speak. These days’ people expect more. They want a story; they want to see what makes you tick. Yes, they still want the facts and figures but our expectations have changed when it comes to listening to people talk. It’s all about being likable. If you can write a speech that gives people an opportunity to experience the real you, you will be onto a winner.

They will want to listen to your speech even more because you have become real. This is what Barack Obama does so well. He has the human touch and it works. The goal of speechwriting for him and his team is to show the American people he is just like one of them (we all know he’s not but he feels like it). Whether you agree with his politics or not he certainly knows how to act decisively and convincingly and that is because he is a master at oral communication. He doesn’t add a lot of fluff and he gets straight to the point.

Remember this when you want to know how to write a speech. Get to the point in the first few seconds and watch peoples’ body language. See how their backs straighten and how you start to make direct eye contact with them.  Continue to watch videos on speakers that captivate you. Continue observing the greats and making lists. Over time you will easily nail speechwriting, it’s just a matter of taking time and effort to look at all the possibilities that present themselves.


 The video you might want to watch (Li Na's Funny Winner Speech at Australian Open 2014): 

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