English Literature

When you write a literature essay, you need to combine your abilities in writing critical comparison and analytical essays. You are expected to understand the author’s point of view and explain it to the reader. You are also required to analyze the language tools the author has used in his writing. You need to be able to describe the content of the writing through key literature terms such as irony, satire, character, metaphor, epithet etc.

In order to evaluate the literature, you need to use what is termed as “close reading.” This suggests that you should be reading with the intension of identifying different levels of meanings within the text.

In getting prepared to write your English literature essay, you need to plan the essay and its structure. The research question as well as the thesis statement should be included in the introduction. Each paragraph in the body of the essay should be dedicated to discussing each point so that your essay will be easy to follow.

Knowing how to write an English essay will help you to achieve success in your writing; sticking to a proper essay structure will add 10-15% to your grade.

Include quotations and references in correct format as per the style guide you are prescribed to follow and avoid the use of long quotations. The basic rule is to limit quotes to no more than three lines. Use the conclusion to summarize the thesis statement and highlight the important issued discussed. Also emphasis why the topic discussed is of important in terms of broader and more critical context.

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