‘The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office’.

Dwight D. Eisenhower


  1. Honesty: the leader is responsible for the team; hence, the team is a reflection of the leader which makes honesty important.
  2. Ability to delegate: it involves the ability to identify the strengths of the team and capitalizing on them.
  3. Communication: training new members and ensuring productive work environment depends on communication skills of the leader.
  4. Confidence: this to inspire the best effort of the members.
  5. Approach: it requires knowing that people are different and being in a position of customizing the approach on every case to optimize effectiveness.
  6. Intuition: a great leader needs to trust his/her instincts.
  7. Inspire: leaders needs to challenge but offer support to others, training, and tools of pursuing their goals.
  8. Creativity: leadership requires management of change which makes creativity important.
  9. Commitment: leaders lead by examples which give them the ability to influence others.
  10. Positive attitude: a leader needs to avoid personal criticism to be more effective in teamwork.

Can leaders exist without other people? To answer the question, examine a case of a leader brought into the business because of great works he/she did in another place. As a new staff and initial time, he/she has not had the chance of getting himself known or trusted or developed a relationship with other employees. If there is a situation within the business that requires immediate action, then the new leader can still lead. Leaders have a character that radiates, inspires, and earns the trust of the people.

A great leader will employ knowledge and intuition to take the business to another level irrespective of the situation. Besides, even in the case of the leader with people, it is not guaranteed that the people would remain loyal. There are possibilities that he/she may lose some or all people since, at critical junctions, other influence members could persuade others to reverse when the journey gets terrain and followers become timid. In the end, the leader is left to reach the journey. However, even without people, he/she manages to reach the destination successfully proving to be on the right track when people leave. Undoubtedly, the leader could lead to goal achievement or better vision. Nonetheless, the major concern is choosing the goals and deciding on the best method of achieving them. A leader, with or without the people, needs to prioritize the strategies of achieving the objectives.

Good leadership is important in every aspect of the society. For the organizations, leadership is important, as they tend to take the personality of their leaders. Through leadership, organizations are able to maximize their productivity, shape the positive culture, and promotion of harmony. For such achievement, it is important to lead individuals and teams through the appropriate style of leadership. Good leaders are driven towards the mission that each member can get behind. Additionally, the leaders know the methods of motivating the teams in an honest, transparent, and genuinely passionate manner. Good leaders understand the significance of employee engagement and what it means for organizational profit baseline.

Within the business, great leaders are important since they motivate and grow the employees, which is important for achieving organizational objectives and ensuring inclusive in performance. They also create loyal customers through creation of an environment that employees shine. Great leaders are passionate brand ambassadors. Instead of focusing on hiring the massive sales force, the business should let the employees handle such situation after the creation of an environment that permits such activities to occur. Great leaders also inspire other people to be great both within the organization and outside. The dream of each person is to be a great leader, as they understand its significance of such trait for the business.

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