What Is a Resume?

A resume (also spelt as “résume” or “résumé”) – is a business document that is used to present the candidate to the potential employer and give more information about his/her qualifications. Resumes should necessarily contain such basic information as contact details, experience, qualifications, and achievements.

What Is the Purpose of a Resume?

Resumes are written with the final goal in focus. In other words, you should precisely know what your final goal is and focus your resume on achieving that goal. A winning resume means your resume is well designed and presents the information clearly and concisely. Keep focused on the important things. Having an informative, professional looking resume is your crucial first impression and needs to get you to the next stage – the interview.

The key to writing a good resume is understanding the fundamentals and having relevant experience. We are here to give you much-needed advice and resource.

Resume Structure: Basic vs. Functional

Fig. 1. In order to write an effective resume, you will need to write for yourself, include only relevant experience, show how you can add value, use keywords and deliver your key messages

There are two main ways to structure your resume: there is basic resume and there is also functional resume. The first one has a simpler structure and is generally better for those who have just left school or university whereas a functional resume is for those who have plenty of work experience and can show a wide range of skills.

Proficient resume writing includes headings, such as personal details, employment objectives, qualifications, work experience (if any), achievements, activities and interests and then referees.  You do not have to include your marital status or your date of birth because neither has any relevance to the job. A more detailed information in the five essential resume writing components is presented below:

Write for Your Reader and not for Yourself

Do not use fluffy speak and create a book, write a clear chronological piece that makes it easy to read, and keeps the reader wanting more. Resume writing is like a presentation so imagine the reader who receives it – what do they want to see and why?  Resume writing is your introduction, like the trailer for a movie, you need to inspire and engage the reader. This works before you start resume writing.  You need to take great care because that reflects in your finished product.  Rush it and the reader will tell.

Make Sure Your Resume Writing Only Includes Relevant Experience

Yes, you do have to include previous employment details but the only bullet point relevant information.  Tell them what you did and how you did it. Initially, the reader will scan your document and put the yes’s in one pile and the no’s in the other.  If you have great information in your resume or a cover letter that stands out and is easy to scan you will jump into the yes pile – the detail will be reviewed afterwards. This resume writing essential works well when you list your experience. Make it easy for the reader to digest a lot of information quickly, by maintaining the professional style and keeping the resume relevant.

Show How You Can Add Value

Tick off the key points in the job advert and ensure they are covered.  Take time to reflect where you can show where you can add value.  Employers are looking for problem solvers and some are looking for innovators.  You don’t want to present yourself as an innovator if your employer is looking for a problem solver and vice versa, so show how your skills match the job requirements.

Keywords Are Insightful, Inspirational, and Vital

Resume writing builds motivation for the reader to take action.  Keywords are influential and will bring you to life and help you build rapport with the reader.  Ensure there are no typos in your document and you have used correct grammar.  There is no point having amazing keywords when they are spelt wrong, this could get you immediately eliminated.  Remember to have someone proofread your work before sending it off – just because you have spent so much time working on your curriculum vitae, you won’t be able to spot and effectively correct all mistakes.

Deliver Key Messages – What Is Your Story?

Resume writing follows a very structured format, with a very readable font and font size e.g. Arial font and size 11-12, but what it also needs is key messages that tell your unique story.  Use this for your activities and interests content.  Are there examples you can use such as volunteer work or coaching a sports team where you can show where you have been a contributing team player or leader? Remember resume writing needs to engage and inform.  Engagement is as important as informing.  Show off your strengths, skills and talents to suit their needs and wants.

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