Throughout their academic lives, students will be faced with the task of writing essays. These essays can be part of class assignments or even writing contests.  The topics vary depending on the subject. One of the essay types a student can encounter is a racism definition essay.

Racism is defined as the discrimination or prejudice directed at someone of a different race in the belief of superiority of one’s race. Discrimination can also take many forms, both subtle and overt. There are different writing styles a writer can opt for while writing a racism essay. The style can either be narrative, expository, or persuasive

Narrative essays describe a real live event as experienced by the writer. The aim is not merely to narrate but immerse the reader into the world and emotions of the writer. An expository essay, on the other hand, will only state the facts about a given topic. It delivers a balanced analysis of a given topic.

The writer needs to define or explain a topic by using statistics and examples. Persuasive writing has an aim of convincing the reader to align with the writer’s viewpoint. While writing, you must build a strong case using logic, facts, examples and sound reasoning. Present all sides of your argument and communicate clearly.

How to Start Writing the Racism Persuasive Essay

Below are three strategies that will help you start writing the best racism paper.

Determine the Style of Writing

While writing an essay on racism, you can choose to make it narrative, persuasive, or expository. While all these writing styles have some commonalities, they also have distinct variations. Therefore, it is imperative to select a specific method before proceeding. Most of the time, a student will be instructed to write in a certain manner. In such a case, he or she is required to carefully read all instructions and seek consultation from their instructors in case of any misunderstanding.

Undertake Thorough Research

If you are writing a report or undertaking research for a racism persuasive essay, you must do thorough research to get all the correct facts. You can either undertake your research on the internet, in the library, going through academic databases or in articles, journals, and newspapers.

Of importance to know is the type of sources your instructor approves, how many references are required in the paper as well as whether the citations are peer-reviewed or not. As you research, make shorthand notes of each valuable source. You should also ensure that each source is in the proper citation format. Reading examples of a persuasive essay on racism of the same genre will aid you in obtaining good ideas as well as writing styles.

Brainstorm the Topic

Even though you can mimic the ideas of other authors, you can create your original spins of the theme to enhance the uniqueness of your arguments. Make several lists of ideas that you can choose from and take some time as you ruminate over the content of your essay.

Create a Plan for Your Essay about Racism

After brainstorming it is obvious that you will have formulated new and creative ideas. Take all these thoughts you had meditated about and create an essay outline. You can create one by writing a sentence for each main idea followed by short bullet points underneath.

Writing Your Racism Essay Introduction

The introduction to your essay about racism should include a hook for racism essay and a clear thesis. The racism essay introduction hook should be a catchy phrase meant to attract the reader’s attention. For the thesis statement, take another look at your generated ideas and choose around three or four of the most substantial ideas that support the topic. Write a thesis statement that will summarise all the ideas you plan on presenting in the racism today essay. It should guide the reader in the direction you intend to take in your writing. One fact to note is that this statement should never ask a question.

The Body Section of Your Racism Today Essay

In the body section, you want to consider paying key attention to the depth of discussion above everything else. Your essay on racism and discrimination should discuss each idea in its paragraph. The paragraphs must also correlate with one another and transition smoothly. Pay attention to length to avoid making your essay longer than necessary. Avoid using personal pronouns. You should also state arguments with complementary facts. This will make your essay more authoritative.

You should then proceed to conclude your essay. Summarize all the points you have discussed within the body paragraphs. Postulate ways in which the conclusion can be interpreted in a larger or practical perspective. You need to explain the implications of your thesis statement, and all the arguments must bring the reader to a logical or natural conclusion. Your last sentence can be a proverb, a quote, or a witty remark.

Whenever you utilise external sources within your essay, it is important to make due citations and include them in the text and on the reference page. Failure to do so would amount to plagiarism. Create a reference section and insert all the cited sources.

Do not forget to proofread your essay. Go through the paper again as you look for any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. You can also make your ideas more concise in the process.

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