Dissertation Proposal on Tourism

Prior to starting to work on a dissertation on tourism, students need to provide assignments dissertation proposals on the same topic. This can be done after the student passes his/her preliminary examination and is allowed to move further.

The dissertation proposal, especially in the field of tourism, has a twofold purpose: first, shows that a candidate has a clear plan of what aspects of tourism the dissertation will cover. This paper can be viewed as a sort of a business plan in business studies – your professors need to be sure what you are going to include into your subsequent dissertation. The second purpose of writing a tourism dissertation proposal is to allow the advisory committee to suggest improvements to the paper and guide the writing process. For example, if a topic is too broad or too narrow, the advisory committee will draw students’ attention to it and require it to be reviewed.

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Sample Dissertation on Tourism

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Tourism Dissertation Proposal Structure

The dissertation proposal ultimately contains the same structural elements as any other proposal in the field of economics. Specifically, structural parts are as following:

1. Title page. Should indicate your basic information, such as student’s name, a name of the institution, enumerate members of the committee etc.

2. Opening Section. Ultimately this part of your tourism proposal should contain the introduction of the problem, statement of the problem, background information (literature review), theoretical framework, research questions (or hypothesis/-es).

3. Methods. The purpose of this section is to describe and explain scientific methods that are going to be used in your research.

4. Proposed Outline and Schedule of Your Work. This section is meant to organize and manage your time effectively. You will present a plan of your work to the committee and have a clear plan of action. By following this plan you will take a considerable amount of pressure off yourself.

5. Bibliography. Bibliography page contains a list of all books, journals and other sources of information that you have used for writing your dissertation. They should be arranged depending in accordance to requirements set forth by your institution. Typically, however, tourism is a part of economics bunch of disciplines, and the latter widely utilize Chicago (author-date) referencing system.

Tourism dissertation proposal includes 5 stages: title page, opening section, methods, proposed outline and schedule of your work and bibliography

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