An essay is a common term used in everyday learning. The Metropolis essay is quite the contrary. Metropolis essays are still essays but are basically written by students or scholars with the aim of analyzing, interpreting and providing information about Metropolis. Metropolis was a film released in 1927 whose main theme generally outlines a world affected by capitalism, that is, a modern world which the rich are the ones who flourish while others suffer.

Swiftian satire 1984, a novel by George Orwell, which can be a sequel to Metropolis, creates a hypothetical society, metaphorically, which is governed by selfish leaders who only care about themselves and dictatorial. Both speak about the increasingly growing rift between the rich and the poor, where the oppressed eventually take action and try to change this vice that is destroying the world.

The novel 1984 and Metropolis are perfect in content, that is, in the message the creators were communicating. Urbanization and Economic growth brought disunity and detest between the working class and the poor people. Our website provides a platform where you will have the opportunity to learn about 1984 Metropolis essay with ease. Our experts in research, have collected all information about Metropolis independently as well the Swiftian satire 1984. They have also described what the different aspects of the film and book symbolize. It tells why the authors used the mediums they used (one film and the other writing), categorized the all the similarities, the reasons for the formulation, why the authors chose those titles and many other things all for your benefit. So you won’t have to peruse to get bits, we have all your searching for.

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Now you know where you can get great tips and lessons to write the best Metropolis 1984 essay. It gets easier. We are not just that to lighten your load. Here we are practical. Just take a look at our website and see for yourself. The novel by Orwell and the Lang’s film are contents that were created after the world clashes, the two world wars. Orwell’s novel 1984 was made after World War II, and Metropolis was made after World War I.

In addition, a good Metropolis and 1984 essay student or researcher should know that they both contents are cautionary, both are used to alert or warn the generations to come of the greater conflict that may arise from the oppression of the poor by the rich. It is evident that violence eventually erupts in both contexts. Mutiny and warfare are inevitable. The conflict arises from the desire of the ordinary people have for the welfare of their fellow man and a better life for their children and the rich peoples’ desire to maintain their supremacy. After knowing these basic facts and the author’s mindset in the creation of the contexts, we can now help with Metropolis and 1984 comparative essay as well.

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The 1984 novel and Metropolis film have a lot in common. They are similar in the main idea the creators wanted to communicate and are also identical in their purpose, to provide caution for future generations. To make a perfect comparison, you first have to know what they are both about, this means reading the novel and watching the film. However, this should not worry you.  Most students find watching a 1927 film or reading an early eighty’s novel terrifying. Don’t worry we got you covered. Our expanding organization has grown in different parts of the world all for the benefit of the student. In this field, our experts have put together materials, brief summaries of both articles and we can even help you personally in making 1984 and Metropolis essay even in Australia. And not only that we have plainly highlighted the similarities. This work has never been easier. Trust us.

Orwell in his novel talks about the drastic effects of a government that is not of the people. He talks about a government does not listen to the opinions of the average man. What it dictates becomes the law. The struggles of the commoner under a government that does not listen eventually leads to mutiny conflict, and then the death of thousands. Metropolis, on the other hand, highlights how urbanization and rapid economic growth has brought a really huge gap between the rich and the poor. He points out that a society that has super rich people and extremely poor people cannot coexist. This disunity is cemented by the oppression of the poor by the rich. Violence and mass killings of innocents are absolute.

Some may ask what this knowledge is for. 1984 and Metropolis essay questions are not complexly constructed. You will be asked simple questions like reasons the writer had for making the contexts, or to discuss the themes evident in the texts. However, most Metropolis and 1984 essay questions simply ask you to mention the similarities between the film and the novel.

Hence, some of the similarities include: There is the aspect of oppression, the conflict is between two different classes of the society, the fighting spirits of the less fortunate are fueled by their desire for change and a better society while the rich seek to maintain their supremacy and then violence eventually erupts. Just to mention a few of those things that we will equip you with.

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